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Of the states that make up the Bajío region, Guanajuato and Querétaro maintained their dynamism in the industrial real estate sector at the end of 2021, at the same time, due to this behavior they are expected to have higher growth this year.

According to the latest Newmark report, both entities in the midst of a pandemic year strengthened their infrastructure and skilled labor, in addition, they continued to boost operations in their automotive, aerospace, storage, transportation, food and beverage sectors.

Guanajuato showed conditions of stability and a growth trend in 2022, closing with a Class A industrial inventory of 8.1 million square meters in the fourth quarter of 2021 and an increase in the industrial area under construction that went from 44,000 to 90,000 square meters.

“It is expected that by 2022 the industrial inventory will increase due to construction projects not developed during 2021,” the firm projected.

Of the operations that the entity had during the past year, it stands out that during the month of December the purchase-sale of an industrial portfolio made up of 14 buildings, as well as investments in industrial fibers, was announced.

Also, in Celaya, the investment of US capital in the Railway Bypass was announced, which includes 21 kilometers of track; currently the work reports an advance of 65 percent.

During the fourth quarter of last year, the corridor with the largest area under construction was León, with more than 55,000 square meters to be delivered by the end of 2022.

León also registered in 2021 the incorporation of new industrial buildings; these incorporations participated in the market movements, where percentage increases were registered in the absorption values ​​from the third to the fourth quarter of 14 percent.

In absolute terms, the company explained, the highest absorption values ​​were recorded in the corridors of San Miguel de Allende and Celaya, even with the general slowdown in the arrival of investments, the industrial market of Guanajuato remains dynamic.

“The push for the development of industrial infrastructure in the corridors of San José Iturbide and San Miguel de Allende is expected to increase. Proof of this is the announcement of an investment for 15 million dollars in an area of ​​60 hectares for the installation of the WorldPort Industrial Park in San José Iturbide”, the report deepened.

Given the trend in the unemployment rate and the exchange rate, the rental and sale prices of industrial buildings will maintain gradual increases in 2022, however, the behavior of inflation worldwide could adjust the price due to the increase in value. of construction materials.

From Querétaro, the class A industrial inventory stands out, which was made up of 6.3 million square meters as of the fourth quarter of 2021.

The area under construction showed a boom as of the second quarter of 2020, rising to almost 149,000 square meters compared to the third quarter of 2021, which shows an encouraging outlook for the sector in Querétaro.

“The reactivation of the Bajío has gained strength since the beginning of the third quarter of the year with the increase in operations, mainly favoring the automotive and auto parts, storage and logistics sectors (…) In general, it is expected that the dynamism of the industry of storage and logistics continue”, said Abraham Fernández, director for the industrial sector of Newmark.

Querétaro and the promotion of Mipymes

The report of the market research division indicates that there is a strong boost to industrial SMEs in these two states, for example, the aerospace sector contemplates the investment of 5,000 million dollars in the country and part of that investment would settle in the Querétaro area due to his vocation.

According to the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry, it is about promoting supply chains based on the efficiency and effectiveness of local suppliers.

The submarket that had the most considerable recovery was the Airport area, since in the fourth quarter of 2021 there were more than 54,000 square meters of absorption, of which almost 50% correspond to the automotive business.

“Everything indicates that it will be the area with the highest number of additions to construction and inventory, since it presents the highest activity of all the submarkets,” the report stressed.

Particularly, in the state of Querétaro it is expected that important investment projects will continue to arrive by 2022, related to the establishment of operations of transnational companies in the information technology sector.

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