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This Wednesday, January 26, 2022, may be inscribed in the history of telecommunications in Mexico as the day that América Móvil was authorized or denied authorization to offer the pay television service through Claro TV. .

In its concession title, it is prohibited to offer, directly or indirectly, any type of television service to the public.

The ban has a specific reason: to avoid its dominance, practically absolute.

When Telmex was privatized in 1991, during the six-year term of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, it was considered that if it were allowed to enter the television market, this group would accumulate too much power with high costs for the development of the country, since public and private monopolies always they end up making services more expensive to the detriment of the least favored. That is why the decision made by the IFT today is so important.

The regulatory body, say the sector experts, would be giving this superlative concession to the preponderant agent, through the back door.

They interpret it this way because the request is made by a recently created company, Claro TV, precisely to avoid the express prohibition that it has in its Telmex concession title.

The Telecommunications Law Institute (IDET) warned that Claro TV’s request is a crude maneuver to circumvent the legal framework and the T-MEC.

The president of IDET, Gerardo Soria, has warned that Claro TV is indeed part of the Preponderant Economic Agent as América Móvil is considered. Claro TV’s shareholders are Sercotel and Amov, 100% subsidiaries of América Móvil.

The governing board of the IFT, made up of only five of its seven members, will analyze the matter today and decide with a yes or no, the request of the Preponderant Economic Agent.

The IFT decided to analyze Claro TV’s request, even though there is no administrative rush to do so. In fact, the request is expired because it had to have been resolved within three months from its presentation in 2018 and, in the event that there was no resolution, it is assumed that it has been rejected.

In this same space I informed him since last December of the intention to review the matter and resolve it under an analysis, in which he settled on one of two options, that the request be authorized because it is a new company.

Today the governing board will review the request and make a determination. The resolution is very important for the telecommunications market in Mexico.

But it is also of enormous importance for the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the United States, within the framework of the T-MEC.

The United States Trade Representative Office (USTR) expressed its concern about the possible approval of the pay television service for the telephone company América Móvil.

At a press conference, Carlos Slim Domit, president of the Board of Directors of América Móvil, offered not only to seek and hold talks with the USTR, to dispel their concerns.

He also took the opportunity to point to ATT as the company that influences the concerns of the USTR.

He accused it, along with Telefónica, of not being interested in participating in the fixed telephony and pay television market.

Slim argued that due to competition in Mexico, the rates are lower than in the United States and announced that if the IFT authorizes the pay television service, they will invest 8,000 million pesos in fiber optics, which could even use their competitors in municipalities where there is little coverage. Today it will be decided whether or not to open the door for Slim to give triple play, including the television service.

It is a historic decision that will mark those who make it, but also the government in which it is granted or rejected. We will see.


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