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ROSARIO.-Twenty homicides in 25 days were committed in Rosario, a city that for a long time has never managed to get out of the tension caused by the violence that suppurates from the mafia and drug trafficking. to the murders, almost all perpetrated by assassins, this week the threats and attacks perpetrated by a new Los Monos terminal were added, which has Lorena Verdún, widow of Claudio Cantero, alias Pajaro, and her 19-year-old son Lucianoas the main protagonists.

The number of weapons in the street held by criminal gangs is proportional to the high levels of violence in Rosario: in 2021 there were 241 homicides, in which firearms were used in 85 percent of the cases. It also translates to people injured by gunshots: there were 859 people shot last year. The rate in Rosario is more than 70 people injured by bullets for every 100,000 inhabitants.

Lorena Verdún was arrested for stockpiling weapons;  the widow of Songbird threatened a prosecutor
Lorena Verdún was arrested for stockpiling weapons; the widow of Songbird threatened a prosecutorMarcelo Way

Last Saturday, Verdún threatened prosecutor Matías Edery, from the Organized Crime Unit, during an impeachment hearing, presided over by Judge Alejandro Negroni, in which he stated: “This is not going to stay like this.”

Yesterday, The Narcocriminality Prosecutor’s Office (Procunar) requested that the release that the federal justice gave Verdun be annulled, despite the fact that she is sentenced to five years in prison for drug trafficking. The head of Procunar, Diego Iglesias, considered that there is a “danger” that Verdun will escape. Nowadays, the widow of Pajaro Cantero is detained in Penal Unit No. 5 of Rosario, accused of illegal possession of a firearm. In the operations that were carried out on Tuesday of last week 25 weapons were seized from his son Luciano. A 9-millimeter Taurus revolver was seized at the Verdun house.

Although there is no term of preventive detention against Verdun in the provincial jurisdiction It is likely that he will be released in the next few days. For this reason, now Procunar asks that the benefit they had been given in federal justice be canceled by accepting a request for release from the 2019 sentence.

A symbol of violence in Rosario: a gas station was shot in front of the local Santa Fe Police headquarters
A symbol of violence in Rosario: a gas station was shot in front of the local Santa Fe Police headquartersMarcelo Way

This 43-year-old woman is the leader of one of the so-called “terminals” of the gang of monkeys. His brother-in-law moves along another lift Ariel Máximo Cantero, known as Guille, who is currently detained in the Marcos Paz maximum security prison.

Relations within the criminal clan, which is divided into different sectors, are not goodas and are loaded with mutual distrust for the criminal items they share, such as drug trafficking, extortion and sale of “protection”.

The display of firepower by Luciano Cantero, son of Lorena Verdún, at Christmas, when he and other members of the gang shot with pistols and a FAL rifle, is part of that dynamic to gain ground in an environment plagued by violence and drug. The new generations of drug traffickers are more attentive to social networks and that way the messages have a greater impact.

Luciano Cantero, the son of the Bird, armed and shot

Along with the public demonstrations of a rustic and neighborhood mafia power, which Luciano Cantero, 19, starred in, his mother challenged Justice by intimidating prosecutor Edery. At the same time there were bomb threats against police delegations and a shooting attack, which took place on Sunday, against the Internal Affairs headquarters of the Penitentiary Service, where on Thursday of last week a message had arrived on a cardboard that said that they “stop screwing around with high-profile prisoners” because if they didn’t they were going to go against the prison guards.

Lucho Cantero (with a white scarf, on the left) exposed his weapons in a video of the ragpicker Zaramay
Lucho Cantero (with a white scarf, on the left) exposed his weapons in a video of the ragpicker Zaramay

The threat directed at the Penitentiary Service agents who are assigned to the high-profile pavilions where the drug bosses are located. Luciano Cantero was sent there, the son of Claudio, alias Pajaro, leader of Los Monos, who was assassinated on May 26, 2013 and whose death unleashed the bloodiest chapter of the so-called drug war in Rosario.

That building of the provincial Penitentiary Service, located in Alsina and Pellegrini, has already been shot four times. The first, on January 11, 2020 and the next in October of that year. Those attacks were carried out by the leader of Los Monos, Guille Cantero. The previous shooting had occurred during the holiday of October 12, 2020, three days after prosecutors Luis Schiappa Pietra and Matías Edery requested 24 years in prison for the leader of this drug gang for planning attacks against judges and judicial buildings and governmental. For this reason, he was sentenced to 22 years last September.

The arrest of Luciano Cantero
The arrest of Luciano CanteroMarcelo Way

The concern in the prisons has increased in the last few hours because there is a history of attacks on penal units. On Sunday, June 27, there was a shooting attack by a commando group from outside the prison to get seven inmates to escape, among them, the narco leader Claudio Mansilla, alias Morocho, who until now is the only one who has not been recaptured. .

In the midst of the tension generated by the arrest of Verdún and his 19-year-old son, a threat was made yesterday to a bar on Pellegrini and Ovidio Lagos avenues, a few meters from the Newell’s court. They asked the owners of the place for 200,000 pesos in exchange for not receiving a bullet attack. The “squeezers” who called mentioned that if they did not pay they would end up like the El Establo restaurant, which was attacked with bullets at the end of November when it was packed with diners. Today that restaurant is about to close because the clientele stopped going frightened by that episode.

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