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This week premieres on Netflix I’m Georgina, the series that tells the story of Georgina Rodriguez, the soccer player’s Argentine partner Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course, the ambitious audiovisual production will tell the “Side A” of the life of this model and businesswoman, who met the Portuguese star while working in a clothing store in Madrid, at a time when the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was playing for the Spanish capital’s biggest team.

However, not everything is rosy in Georgina’s life. Quite the contrary. the becoming influence, 27, (has almost 30 million followers on his Twitter account) Instagram), had a difficult life, traversed by the error of his father, who after his retirement from football, was part of the drug trafficking business and ended up in jail.

Born in Argentina in 1994, at that time, his father Jorge Rodríguez played for Murcia, and was married to Anna Maria Hernandez, a Spanish woman. When his father’s career as a footballer ended, the man wanted to return to live in our country, but finally decided to continue in Spain with his family after a brief visit to Argentina.

The photo of Georgina Rodríguez celebrating a birthday with her family that appears in her new docuseries Soy Georgina
The photo of Georgina Rodríguez celebrating a birthday with her family that appears in her new docuseries Soy GeorginaCaptura de Netflix

Back in Murcia, Jorge got involved in the illegal drug business. As expected, the story ended negatively, because he was discovered by the justice system and ended imprisoned for drug trafficking of cocaine and cannabis residues, as stated on Tuesday by the journalist Augusto Tartufoli in intruders (America). “The police caught him. he goes to jail for ten years. That’s where a problem begins Georgina. I was little at the time, but I was going to visit him because he was the father”.

According to Tartúfoli, more than great, Georgina stopped visiting her father, and when Jorge finished his sentence, he was sent back to Argentina., where he lived until his death in 2019. However, Ronaldo’s partner did not resume contact with the former player at that time, so for example, he could not meet his granddaughter.

Reveal interns of the family of Georgina Rodríguez

Along these lines, the journalist specified that the relationship between the relatives and Rodríguez did not go well: “When her father was very ill, the sister demanded that he pay a ticket for even going to see the father”. And he closed with a forceful comment: “Everyone in the family speaks ill of her.”.

Recent statements by Georgina’s mother’s brother, Jesus Hernandez, confirm the sayings of Augustus. “We have tried to call her, but it seems that her number has changed”, he explained in an interview with the British media The Sun. What’s more, He called her a “scoundrel”, and recalled that in a publication by Cristiano Ronaldo, he made two sharp comments to warn him about who he was getting involved with: “You have the most evil woman by your side.” Y “If you want to know more, contact me and I will tell you”.

Meanwhile, the panelist Maite Peñoñori gave some details of the life of the model before meeting the soccer star. “She was always very hardworking. He lived in Argentina for a year, worked in many places, in the shop of Gucci in Madrid, in Prada, in the ‘English Court’, as AU pair. He was looking for them”. She also added that she managed to make a living as a nanny.

Georgina and Cristiano have been together since 2016
Georgina and Cristiano have been together since 2016Instagram @georginagio

In this sense, Tartúfoli reported that when Alana Martina’s mother moved to the Spanish capital, he came to live in a deposit in exchange for 300 euros.

Her relationship with Ronaldo began to become public at the end of 2016 and a few months later they announced the arrival of their first daughter together, Alana Martina, who was born in November 2017. In October last year, Georgina and Cristiano announced that they were going through a second pregnancy together. However, his followers were surprised to learn that they were actually two babies. “Happy to announce that we are expecting twins. Our hearts are full of love. We can’t wait to meet them. #Blessed”, they wrote on their social networks.

In this way, the footballer will become the father of six children, since on his own account he also has Cristiano Jr, 11 years old and twins Eva Y Mateo, of 3.

The children of Cristiano Ronaldo witnessed the visit of Santa Claus
The children of Cristiano Ronaldo witnessed the visit of Santa ClausInstagram: @georginagio

Recently, Georgina had made public in the trailer for his series of Netflix their want to get married with the forward of United. There, she said that “the wedding” did not depend on her and that she hoped so. But now the couple has redoubled the bet.

About I am Georgina

An emotional and detailed portrait of the daily life of Georgina Rodríguez: mother, influence, businesswoman and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo”, This is how Netflix describes the plot of the new docuseries about Argentina.

As the trailer shows, Georgina recounts in the production how she met the Portuguese star and the footballer himself is interviewed about that first meeting. “The day I met Cristiano, I go to work, I arrive at Gucci, as always, and when I’m leaving the store I see a very handsome man appear, I just stopped… I started to feel like little tickles in my stomach and I ‘Well, what’s wrong with me?’”, she says in the advance, while Ronaldo comments: “And that’s where it stayed in my head. And it was like a moment of a click.”

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