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The survey published this Wednesday by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) places the PSOE with an estimated vote of 30.8 percent, one point above the PP (29.8%), and marks a wide range for the distribution of regional attorneys. The barometer awards between 25 and 34 for the socialists and between 27 and 32 for the popular ones, which would leave a scenario open to various electoral governance pacts.

In third place, the survey places Vox, with 9.3 percent of the estimated support, which would give them between 4 and 8 seats, followed by United We Can (8.7%), with between 3 and 5 prosecutors, while Ciudadanos would be the fifth force (7.9%) and could get between 2 and 5. Soria Ya would break in with between 2 and 3 seats, the same as Unión del Pueblo Leones (UPL), while For Ávila he would close the representation with 1 parliamentarian.

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