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The claim was national: “The truth is not killed by killing journalists.” This Tuesday, hundreds of communicators from at least 28 states took to the streets to demand an end to violence against the press, violence that has taken the lives of three journalists in just a few days.

Under the slogan “Journalism at risk”, the reporters, photographers, cameramen, editors, drivers and other media workers gathered at various important points in dozens of cities in the country, in what was described as a historic mobilization.

With banners and photographs of the faces of the journalists who have been murdered for their work, so far this government has shown the anger and indignation at the crimes, what has to be said about them, they do not count for the government and The authorities.

“In the country they continue to go unpunished, killing a journalist in Mexico is like killing no one: far from serious investigations by state and federal prosecutors so that we know why they kill journalists in this country. and there is justice, the number is increasing”, was exposed in the display read by journalists outside the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) last night, January 25.

And it is that beyond the murders, the journalists also claim the disappearances, the forced displacements, and the lack of institutional support to carry out their work, added to the precarious working conditions with which the majority work every day, which, they say, “it’s like dying little by little”.

“No more silence!” “We demand justice!” “Not one more!”, It was heard last night in the surroundings of the Segob.

There, in a congregation that brought together more than 100 journalists, the entrance to the federal compound was closed in a symbolic way, with photographs, flowers and candles.

The demonstrators also read a manifesto, where they stated the risks that exist in Mexico for the journalistic exercise, the high rate of murdered journalists and impunity. At the same time, direct testimonies were heard from those who have suffered violence.

Earlier, at the National Palace, during the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the demand was the same: security and justice for the press.

“Lourdes is the third journalist murdered in the country this year. His homicide followed the crimes against reporter and photojournalist Margarito Martínez Esquivel, who was shot in the head when his vehicle was parked outside his home in Tijuana on January 17. Both journalists were in the Baja California Protection Mechanism, however, this was insufficient to safeguard their lives”, dictates the national position.

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