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The First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvin, assured this Friday that he expects the financial sector “address and find effective and urgent measures” to guarantee the access of the vulnerable population and those over 65 years of age to banking services. The minister recalled that It’s not “a new topic” because the sector is in “a process of structural transformation and digitization” and has defended that the Government is already working to guarantee this benefit, for example, in rural areas, “launching creative and effective initiatives” such as “buses that go through towns or agreements with post offices“.

“It is clear that is not sufficient to guarantee access and provision of services to people and most vulnerable groups and our elders”, lamented the economic vice-president in statements to the program ‘The keys of the 21st century’ on TVE, collected by Europa Press.

At this point, Calviño has recalled that from his department they are “sensitized” to this issue and that “immediately” he summoned the three bank employers to “address and find effective and urgent measures”, for which he has given them a period of one month. “We are in contact and receive the representatives of the different associations and talking to the town councils so that we can see how to find effective solutions”, he said.

Retired woman taking out the pension from the bank teller.

Questioned as to whether the Government intends to incorporate any legal obligation for banks to guarantee this access, the minister explained that the sector financier is “well aware” that they must provide “a good service to their clients and they have to attend to the most vulnerable people”. “It is a matter of prestige and good image of the sector. I trust that come with effective proposals and that they be deployed as soon as possible,” he reiterated.

The debate has arisen after the debate promoted by Carlos San Juan, who has started a campaign through to collect signatures in favor of banks providing better care for the elderly without technological obstacles and with more patience. After get more than 442,000 signatures, this Thursday he had a telephone conversation with the Governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernández de Cos, who promised to search for solutions by the sector finance to deal with this problem. For this, De Cos will meet in three weeks with bank representatives, who are also very sensitive to this problem.

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