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Happy for what I knew would happen, Moria Casan received this Friday in his program, Moria is Moria, to their friend Marcelo Polino. Already from the presentation, the two ex-jurors of “Dancing for a Dream” gave an account of the trust that exists between them. “I want to start by thanking Ethel because you are here for her. I’m sure she’s flying over this place,” the diva welcomed him, referring to the journalist’s mother, who died in May 2019. “We talk on the phone every Sunday and she always sends greetings to my mom. Over there I am with someone, listening on loudspeaker, and he tells me: ‘But your mother died two years ago.’ Well, she greets her the same”, explained the guest. And he added: “That he never returns the greeting or leaks into a conversation of ours because we all end up in a psychiatric hospital.”

After the attack of laughter from both, the driver asked her friend to review her story. “It happened to me what happens to young people from the interior, who come to Buenos Aires and don’t know anyone. I am from Tres Arroyos, and I came to the house of my godparents, who sheltered me, but after a year, they kindly invited me to leave”, began remembering Polino. “And that’s fine… I was a 17-year-old boy who they hardly knew… What I thought was: “I wasn’t going to go back to Tres Arroyos. I had already come this far; I stay. But I had nowhere to sleep and I had to sleep in squares sometimes”, revealed.

But, taking weight away from the anecdote, he explained: “I never counted it as something sad. I had a goal I wanted to reach and that’s why I didn’t experience it badly. This happened in the summer. I went near the Obelisk because I was a boy and I was afraid that something would happen to me, so I chose a place where there was light and movement of people. There I knew that, at least, killing was not going to kill me”.

I started doing the cleaning in Tal Cual magazine. Generally, journalists do not like to work on weekends. So, a note had to be made on a Sunday, but nobody wanted to and so I dropped the broom and asked if I could go. They all looked at me. Five questions were written down for me. The interviewees were twin sisters who had been separated at birth and were raised by different families. The one who had found them had been Gerardo Sofovich”, he recalled.

“I was not a journalist,” he clarified. “But before that, when I slept in the squares, I knew that something had to be done. So, walking down Corrientes Avenue, I saw a magic shop and bought three tricks and started animating children’s parties. One day, Pipo Pescador needed a magician”.

“He does a casting and I showed up with my three tricks. There was a row of magicians, all in top hats, with suitcases… I remember that my shirt collar was wet, because I only had one shirt and I washed it at night to wear it as usual. day, but with the humidity of Buenos Aires, the neck that was harder did not get to dry”, he added, between laughs.

“The three tricks I had weren’t from David Copperfield, they were more from The Toothless Wizard: a wand that turned into a flower, a balloon from which a dove came out… The thing is that Pipo Pescador chose me between 300 wizards.Time passed, I became a friend and he became my father-in-law. And when I asked him why he had chosen me, he said: “Because you are very charismatic.” And I’ve been clinging to that word for 27 years, because I never studied anything, but I was always funny to tell even the misfortunes “.

In relation to how he ended up being the father-in-law of the children’s entertainer, Polino recalled: “He told me that he had a daughter who lived in Spain. We were doing a winter vacation season and Carmela came. We started going out and I went to Spain to live with her, and she also animated children’s parties in Madrid. We were together for 10 months and when I separated, I went to live in Paris. Now, with the price of the dollar, I don’t know when we’ll be back. I am satisfied with seeing the photos in my house!” And Moria limited: “Now an agreement has been reached with the Monetary Fund that seems to be good. For me, the good thing would be to go back to one by one. The good thing would be not to owe anyone anything, but we’ll get out. I am for my country. We bank Argentina beyond whoever is in power”.

Returning to the theme of his childhood, the journalist said: “My parents separated at a time when it was not very common. I was the only kid with separated parents in the school; It’s not like now that someone who has two parents looks at him strangely. At that time, in a town, the lady who had been abandoned by her husband was looked at in a strange way. My dad left and never came back to town.”

And he added: “He never even saw his mother again. In fact, she died without ever seeing him again. My mom took care of her mother-in-law and accompanied her until the last day. I was raised by my grandfather, who was the manager of the bank, who in the town was like being the president… Manager of Banco Nación de Tres Arroyos! He was my father image. A very powerful image.”

Regarding his life story, Polinó reflected, smiling: “Noodles, Botox and therapy should come in the Basic Basket; because with a full belly, no wrinkles and having a place to not throw shit at your family and friends, you are happier. My therapeutic space is to get rid of everything that happens to me”.

Then, the two remembered their passage through the “Dancing”. “Today we would be in jail! Sometimes I see in Tic Toc the things that we have said to people and they make me ashamed, “said the guest, but the hostess did not agree. “I’m not ashamed, it makes me laugh. And I love that a lot of people use the things that we said in Tic Toc. That show was all crazy. And our language is crazy. And, furthermore, we would have to do it again, not the program, but we must not keep anything in the crop; even if they take us prisoner”Casan assured.

And founded: “Even if they report us to INADI. I was always very open and included everything marginal in my life, but now I feel that there is a reverential fear, a fear… People are more muzzled than before. One thing is inclusion, and making room for everyone and another thing is what is happening. People say: ‘I’m afraid to speak’”.

“What happens is that before we didn’t have social networks. Now when you say something, after ten minutes you have 300 people jumping, giving their opinion”, Polino intervened. “And what the hell do you care if you don’t know them,” interrupted the exvedette. “I use social networks for literary creation. I don’t care if they kill me or if they don’t kill me. I use them for myself,” he added.

The diva wanted to continue with the questionnaire, and when the guest saw her reading the questions that the production had put together, he laughed at her: “With everything you know about me, do you have to read the questions?”

“No! There is one that even reads names… Let me read something of yours, please. A new Uruguayan lady”Casán answered, in obvious reference to his eternal rival, Susana Giménez. Then, the journalist took the opportunity to ask if they were angry. “No, I’m not fighting. I laugh. I name her, because if I read something, it reminds me of when I used to go to her program and she would even look at my name on the card. It was fun for me, a comedy step, ”he explained.

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