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MAR DE COBO.- Right there, where there are now umbrellas and gazebos set up less than a meter and a half apart from each other, until a few years ago free sand abounded and visitors were happy explorers of deserted and quiet beaches, housed in nearby and modest houses among greenery with a country air and with options to make purchases that could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

The expansion of tourism first, the pandemic that claimed less crowded spaces later, coincided in recent years to promote small and less well-known seaside resorts to turn them into “sold out” destinations. Even from several months before the start of the current high season.

Sea of ​​Cobo, five kilometers south of the more famous Mar Chiquita and about 30 north of the enormous conglomerate that is Mar del Plata, definitely slipped this summer among the favorite squares of the Atlantic coast. Along with La Caleta, another neighboring seaside resort that until a decade ago was also lived as an oasis distant from the most populous beaches in the area.

Many families choose Mar de Cobo, a destination that this summer has 95% of the rental offer taken
Many families choose Mar de Cobo, a destination that this summer has 95% of the rental offer takenMauro V. Rizzi – THE NATION

Both geographies are protagonists during the last decade of a singular transformation based on the growth in quantity and quality of their real estate offer, as well as permanent residents on the rise, in particular due to the displacement of people from Mar del Plata who found land there at a better price, always close to the sea and less than 20 minutes from Bristol beach.

“I didn’t even know this place by name,” admits Gianina, who with a group of friends who are between a little over 20 and under 30 years old coincided in spending their vacations in a Sea of ​​Cobo provided by a friend. “It is quiet in its streets and its beaches, it seems safer than in a city and when you want something else you have Mar del Plata just a step away,” he told THE NATION.

A true phenomenon is the one that is lived in this strip of coast up to the limit with Santa Clara del Mar. Every corner achieved full occupancy throughout January and almost all of February, both in family houses and duplexes and cabins, the latter category that continues to grow.

Mar de Cobo is reached by Route 11 and it has an urban center where, as a result of this recent development, the opening of new businesses of different items is constant. Particularly those targeting the tourist market. From restaurants to breweries. At the same time, some shortcomings are exposed: neighbors have complained about problems with some supplies (water in particular) and a lack of doctors in the municipal health room.

Until recently it was a paradise for those who were looking for desolate environments to feel like masters of the sea. Today the resorts are almost as crowded as one of the big cities and allow you to find in the same space those who only go for sun and sea, fishermen with their rods from the coast or breakwaters and surfers, waves inside. What’s more there is a corridor with access to four-wheel drive vehicles, which extends almost to Mar Chiquita. Every weekend does not have too much to envy to that kind of open-air 4×4 truck dealership that are the inns in the north of Pinamar.

“When I was a boy we came with my parents there were houses from time to time, with a lot of open land, and now one finds so much construction and a lot of new and modern housing,” he describes Gonzalo Viotto, from Capital Federal, who with his wife Melina rented a house in the cove. “We booked in August and after a short time we heard that there was almost no availability for January,” he explained to THE NATION.

The destination had minimal popularity. Some locals say that the one who contributed to their promotion was Mirtha Legrand, who from his table of televised lunches used to remember that what today is the Square “Daniel Tinayre (h) It is the product of a donation of land that belonged to his son. Although not often anymore, whenever he could he visited the place during his summers on the coast.

Many of the tourists who enjoy Mar de Cobo this summer arrived on the recommendation of those who have already passed through the resort
Many of the tourists who enjoy Mar de Cobo this summer arrived on the recommendation of those who have already passed through the resortMauro V. Rizzi – THE NATION

“If last summer it was 9 points, thanks to the fact that they chose us as a safer place in the midst of the pandemic, this is 11 or 12 points,” he says. Daniela Barbeito, which manages rental properties and to date not only confirms that January worked at full capacity but that it has nothing left in the window for February, except for a reservation that is suspended at the last minute. “We publish on networks and after five minutes she is busy,” she told THE NATION.

The extra-long carnival weekend, which this year involves the last three days of February and the beginning of March, is the new target for orders. “It is a success and the highlight is that many of the people who rented arrive for the first time, on the recommendation of those who already had a good time here”, he detailed.

The additional merit of these results is that 95% of the places hired by tourists correspond to private houses, so that there is no incidence of the Pre Trip plan which has allowed the rebound of other destinations where there is a greater presence of hotels. In Mar de Cobo there is a hostel and two inns.

Historical merchants of this locality recognize that such a change in the volume of tourists that arrive during the season makes their attention span, as well as the availability of merchandise, get out of hand. In fact, during the last year, some of them have advanced with extensions to have a deposit and more space to receive clients.

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