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With an offer of only 10,365 cattle, 18.29% higher than the previous one, of just 8,762 heads, sales were made between Tuesday and Wednesday at the Liniers Market. Beyond this nominal increase, the volume of the farm was once again much lower than would be normal for two rounds of business, between 17,000 and 18,000 animals. But in spite of this scarcity, the deals took place in a calm climate that led to values ​​with most of the drops compared to the previous week.

The General Index on Wednesday, of 212,359 pesos per kilo, reflected a rise of 0.49% compared to the indicator for the same day of the previous week, of 211,313 pesos, but marked a decrease of 4.59% compared to $222,584 on Friday twenty-one. Regarding the average weight of the commercialized farm, it was 412.19 kilos, 1.85% less than the previous one, of 419.95 kilos.

The steers, with 1,191 heads sold, had a share of 11.55% in the total traded, of 10,315 cattle, and an average weight of 480.92 kilos, 1.48% higher than the previous one, of 473.90 kilos. The different classifications of steers had the following current prices: $238/250 for the light ones; $235/248 for medium; $233/245 for the heavy ones, and $233/245 for the very heavy ones, with more than 520 kilos.

The maximum price for the steers was $256 and was paid for a lot with an average of 444 kilos, sent by Tapalgro SA from Azul and marketed by the consignee Sáenz Valiente, Bullrich y Cía. SA.

On Wednesday, the Novillo Liniers Index closed at $224,575, 2.87 percent below the $231,217 of the previous Wednesday and 0.53 percent below the $225,764 of Friday 21.

For the sale of the small categories, 5,330 animals were sent to the Liniers Market, equivalent to 51.67% of the total marketed. The fluctuation of current values ​​was as follows: in steers, with 2,547 animals sold, $250/265 for light ones from 300 to 350 kg; $245/260 for the medium ones from 351 to 390 kg, and $238/250 for the heavy ones from 391 to 430 kg, and in heifers, with 2783 heads, $250/260 for the light ones; $230/240 for medium, and $220/230 for heavy.

The maximum values ​​were, in steers, $270 for lightweights with 339 kilos; $270 for mediums with 361 and 368 kg, and $257 for heavy with 393 and 395 kg, and in heifers, $270 with 274, 276 and 309 kg; $251 with 356 kg, and $242 with 414 kilos.

With 3,453 heads, equivalent to 33.47% of the total traded, the sale of the various categories and classifications of cows took place, for which the buyers showed sustained interest during the course of the two rounds listed here. The highest price obtained in the category was $214, for a lot with an average weight of 444 kg., sold by the firm Lartirigoyen y Oromí SA and shipped from Catriló by Elvira Emilia Díaz.

Current prices for good cows, suitable for cutting and butchering, ranged from 195 to 200 pesos per kilo, while for regular cows they ranged from 190 to 195 pesos. In the canned and manufactured type, $180/185 was assigned for the most reddish and $175/180 for the inferior ones.

In the general balance, the females added 6236 heads, with a participation of 60.45 percent in the total sold.

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