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There’s a lot going on backstage and whatever’s planned right now for tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view could change throughout the afternoon.

PWInsider reports that Vince McMahon is taking a hard look at tonight’s show and has meticulously changed many different aspects of the Rumble matches. It was noted that McMahon has changed several things, including who will go out first and which talents will be involved at the end of the Rumble matches. reported earlier this week, via a WWE source, that Austin Theory was in the plans to engage with the final 4-5 competitors towards the final minutes of the Men’s Rumble match.

PWI also noted that there has been talk of adding competitors to Men’s Rumble matches that are already booked for other matches on the show, but it’s not 100 percent confirmed that this is the plan because Creative was said to go back and forth on this one. last night. and this morning.

It was also noted that an idea was floated for Brock Lesnar to enter the Royal Rumble. On the surface, that would imply that Lesnar will lose the WWE Championship, and having him in the match sets him up to win and then challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Title, thus turning things back on course before things got shuffled. earlier this month on Day 1.

Also, it was noted that there is a huge push for Randy Orton to go far in the Rumble since the show is taking place in his hometown. There was another pitch for both Riddle and Orton to go far in the match together with the idea of ​​teasing what could happen if they have to fight each other.

PWI also noted that WWE is still working on plans for the Women’s Rumble and that there was another rehearsal today after yesterday’s.

As always, plans can still change until showtime and it all depends on what Vince McMahon wants.

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