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One of the areas with the largest field of work today and in the coming years is digital marketing. and the arrival of the pandemic Covid-19 it did nothing but accelerate the digitization of everyday life. Many of us start working, studying, shopping or banking from home. Derived from this, the knowledge about the operation of the online advertising (known as SEM -Search Engine Marketing-, SEA -Search Engine Advertising- or PPC -pay per click-) and website optimization is of the utmost importance for professionals related to marketing, communication, graphic design and information technology. , mainly.

What certifications are required to work in digital marketing?

Despite the fact that there are more and more social networks and ways to get in touch with potential clients, the vast majority of vacancies require you to master two platforms Google Y Facebook. Based on this idea, the first consideration is to know if you are looking for a job focused on the development of applications, websites and landing pages or if you are inclined towards the management of advertising campaigns.

For professionals focused on digital advertising, Google puts at your fingertips six certifications (another time I will show what Facebook offers). Each certification has a different validity period and degree of difficulty, all are free.

Certifications related to Google Ads

The platform from which advertising campaigns are created and improved using the Internet as a medium. Google search engine and its network of sites where we see banners, is called Google Ads (before Google Adwords). Jobs related to these actions usually require that the candidate be certified in one or more of the following subjects.

  • Certification on Google Ads Search campaigns: refers to the design and configuration of the campaigns that are shown on the Google Search Network, where the ads will appear when the person types or says (through voice search) the terms related to the advertiser. They are mainly text ads.
  • Google Ads Display Certification: the person who obtains this certification demonstrates that he drives banner campaigns that are published on the websites of the Display network, called Google AdSense. That is, the accreditation is for display ads.
  • Google Ads Video Certification: It is focused on the advertising that we see on YouTube, for example the videos that are broadcast before the one we want to see. Within this segment there are different formats that should be known.
  • Shopping Certification: It is used to dominate those campaigns that e-commerce sites usually use. Ads appear on the Google Search Network, but with photos and product descriptions. In other words, it displays a catalog of products, with prices and descriptions, without the user entering the website.
  • Certification in advertising in Google Ads applications: It is used to advertise apps and encourage their download, in this way define, based on data, who is the target audience (targeting) or make a reorientation.
  • Certification in Google Ads Measurement: Measuring and interpreting metrics in digital marketing is basic. By obtaining this certification, the person will have sufficient knowledge to use Google Analytics, which is Google’s free online tool.

The official study material and the online exam are located on the website of Google called Skillshop in which you log in with a Gmail email address. And if your knowledge is more basic you can start learning about digital marketing through the Garage Digital site, also from Google.

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