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If you are a fan of dramedies criminal, detective and with some mystery, you may find yourself facing your best moment on television. It is that at the premiere of The Flight Attendant (HBOMax) Y Only Murders In The Building (Star+) -two brilliant fictions that yes or yes have to watch-, this last Friday was added The After Party de AppleTv+. Created by Christopher Miller (The Lego Movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) is a fantastic proposition if you loved Agatha Christie’s “Mystery of the Railway Guide” or, if we’re honest, just about any book by the British author.

“The After Party”. Foto gentileza de AppleTv+Aaron Epstein

With its first three episodes already available on AppleTv+, these are the five things you need to know before you hit play:

“The After Party”. Foto gentileza de AppleTv+Aaron Epstein

We had the opportunity to chat with several of its protagonists and this is what they told us:

Zoe Chao

Her character is called Zoë and she is a plastic artist who ended up working with the vice principal at the school. Recently divorced, this party is supposed to be her ‘night off’ where she just hopes to have fun: “Zoë and Brett broke up very recently, so she’s at this stage of being a new single mom. She also has a job that she would never have imagined finishing, she is an artist who is not putting her gift into practice and that makes her feel very disconnected from all the things that make her happy”, and Chao tells us a little more: “I think at some point she feels like she’s always played it safe and now she’s willing to stop. So she’s going into this meeting single for the first time in 17 years and wanting to feel alive again and do things she’s never done before. But – sadly – her ex is there because it’s also her grad anniversary party.”

Ike Barinholtz

Brett is Zoë’s ex-husband: “He’s the kind of person that high school was his peak, right? Now he is older and he is not a happy person, plus he feels he can’t give up on his marriage. So he’s going to the meeting with a very clear mission: get her back. In his head he believes that if he can get his wife back, everything else will take care of itself. But as usually happens in life, that’s not going to be the case”, Ike, who is the protagonist of the action episode, told us: “When I saw the script I was very excited because I’m a huge fan of action movies. So working with fight choreographers, stunt extras, and having the opportunity to be fighting, jumping out of a car and saying catchphrases…it was so much fun.”

Sam Richardson

Bringing to life Aniq, an escape room designer who was forever in love with Zoë, su character arrives at the party hoping to have a chance with his teenage love. “The whole concept of the series seemed extremely captivating to me,” he told us about why he decided to join fiction and added: “Having a murder told through different perspectives and, in turn, each of them being told from a different genre, it seemed like such a concept cool. Think ‘I want to see this and… more importantly, I want to be a part of it.‘. I’m also a huge fan of Chris Miller and Phil Lord.” Two people who also highly valued the possibilities offered to them on set: “We had the opportunity to bring some improvisation to our characters. Chris is a brilliant and responsive director for whom improvisation is also part of his creative process. So he allowed us to play with that. It was fantastic”.

Ben Schwartz

Also with its own mission, Yasper is the character played by Ben Schwartz and who arrives at the party looking for his second chance to fulfill his dreams as a musician.. Star of the musical comedy episode, his catchy songs will stay with you forever: “The whole series was an incredible workout. The possibility of being able to work in all these narrative genres… I don’t know if I was ever going to have the opportunity to participate in an action movie but, with the Ike Barinholtz episode, I had that chance”, he confessed and added: “Everything was so, so exciting, as well as an incredible acting exercise. I have this character and I have to think about how I would act in each of these scenarios. It was very, very fun.”

Ilana Glazer

Bringing Chelsea to life She is the character who seems most conflicted from the beginning of the story and this is (perhaps) what makes her one of the main suspects. Changing a lot depending on the perspective from which we know her, Ilana told us a little about what it was like to live that experience: “It was tremendous fun to be able to bring Chelsea to life. Especially since she believes in her version so much that it felt a bit like a ‘trick’ when it was her turn. To the point that I -in character- told him ‘Relax, it’s not all as you think it is'”, and I add: More and more I feel that acting is a psychedelic trip inside your own body and she is so crazy that it felt like a delusion to bring her to life. But it was also very satisfying to see how it changes throughout the season.” In addition, he gave us a little preview of his own chapter: “My episode has the elements of a thriller psychological and I think it is, at some point, the one that distances itself the most from comedy, thinking about the general context of the series, right?

Jamie Demetriou

Almost all of us knew this British actor for his role in Fleabag and, now, he plays Walt. A person that no one seems to remember from high school years and who, according to his own account, felt invisible: “”

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