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With the arrival of a new year, many people establish certain resolutions to face over the next twelve months. From eating healthier between days to going for a run every afternoon or saving a good sum of money for the next vacation. The options are endless, but when it comes to work or professional matters, there are certain tricks to prevent our desires from being frustrated.

According to University of Texas professor Anthony Klotz, who coined the concept of ‘The Big Resignation’, January is precisely a time of year where it can be interesting seek new professional goals. However, the main challenge is to define certain suitable objectives that can make us grow in our labor sector. As indicated by several psychologists in CNBC Make It, one of the keys is to organize these resolutions of the year.

Define the goals

The most important thing is to establish what are those professional goals what we want to achieve. According to Dan Ariely, professor of psychology at Duke University, purposes should be concrete and specific. “Once you determine them, you can move forward to get them,” explains the expert.

realistic and achievable

As before, you have to think with a cool head and Evaluate if we will achieve the objectives in the period of time that we have marked. “The key is to make sure they are achievable and realistic, and allow yourself some room for error,” says psychologist Melissa Doman. One of the easiest ways to achieve them is to set micro goals, that is, breaking down those big goals into smaller tasks that we can achieve little by little.

have a strategy

Once the person has all the goals, it is essential define the steps we will follow. When it comes to the company, it is possible to talk to those responsible for them to assess the possibility of adapting to these objectives. Likewise, Klotz considers that if they move away from your current position, it is better to ask for help outside the work environment.


Naturally, when it comes to meeting goals, you have to be consistent and responsible. Having the will to do them is essential. Some digital tools or apps can help us evaluate on a weekly or monthly basis if we are on the right track.

reject new ideas

Once we establish a series of objectives, it is very likely that new ideas or opportunities will arise. Although it is important to be flexible, you also have to know how to reject or give up others in order to achieve those professional goals that we already had set. “You must be aware of the things you accept, since you will be taking time away for something else“says Vanessa Bohns, a social psychologist and professor at Cornell University.

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