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A Chiefs fan was exposed in the end zone when he asked his girlfriend to marry him on national television during the AFC Championship game.

As the Chiefs and Bengals play for conference supremacy, an NFL fan seized the moment to ask his girlfriend, who we can only assume will not be in attendance and is possibly watching at home, to marry him.

If it works, this man’s clever ploy will go down in the playoff history books. If not, or if she doesn’t notice, well, we really can’t blame her. Surely there are more normal ways of approaching a proposal.

I can only hope that Rachel has seen the message, has paused the television and has very good eyesight. Because, at first glance… I have no idea.

AFC Championship: Chiefs, Bengals participate in proposal

Whether they knew it or not, the Chiefs and Bengals were part of a proposal for history.

Rachel, who I can only assume is not Jennifer Anniston from the popular sitcom Friends, should at least appreciate the effort and planning that went into the proposal. I mean, how did this fan know they were going to be on TV?

at least when the bosses are playingNo one has to worry about a defensive struggle, so there are bound to be shots in the end zone.

I hope she is watching. If not, that’s a lot of wasted money and effort for nothing.

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