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The Men’s Rumble match closed out this year’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Match notes…

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura started the match. When Bobby Roode entered the match, he faced AJ Styles and Roode said that he had been waiting for this for a long time. It seemed like they were expecting a bigger pop from fans remembering their history in TNA. Johnny Knoxville entered at number 9 and was joined by other members of the Jackass cast. Knoxville took a shot at AJ, but AJ took him down with kick combinations and a lasso. Montez Ford followed up with a frog touch in Knoxville. Ridge Holland went to eliminate Knoxville but Zayn stole the glory by knocking Knoxville out of the ring with the heluva kick. Zayn was then eliminated by Styles. As Chad Gable entered the ring, he gathered the wrestlers around him so they could work together to eliminate Omos. The plan worked because they were able to get him out, with some help from AJ Styles. Austin Theory had 22 minutes in the ring before he was eliminated and the announcers called his time. Styles went 29 minutes into the match and was eliminated by Madcap Moss. On Friday, WWE said Drew McIntyre’s return schedule was unknown, but he entered the match at number 22 and eliminated Madcap Moss and Baron Corbin as soon as he entered the ring. McIntyre continued to attack Moss and Corbin with steel steps at ringside. Kevin Owens and McIntyre fought in the hallway and in the ring as KO entered at 22nd. Kingston entered at 25th and was ejected from the ring but landed on the barricade. It was supposed to be another signature trick point where he held on to the barricade and didn’t touch the ground, but replay showed both feet touching the ground, so they announced he was out. Bad Bunny came out at 27 and came in hitting Sheamus with a cross body from above. He also hit a hurricanrana on Kevin Owens and a Canadian Destroyer on Riddle. Sheamus was eliminated after Bad Bunny moved out of the way with a brogue kick. Bunny also eliminated Ziggler with the help of Mysterio. Shane McMahon came out at 28 and quickly took out Kevin Owens. Randy Orton got a massive backlash from his hometown when he came out at 29. RK-Bro took out Big E and Otis and they took out several guys. Brock Lesnar came in at number 30 and quickly took out Orton. Lesnar hit Bad Bunny with an F5 and then kicked him out. Brock ruled out McIntyre to win the match.

entry order
1. Estilos AJ
2. Shinsuke Nakamura
3. Austin’s theory
4. Roberto Roode
5. Ridge Holanda
6. Montez Ford
7. Damián Priest
8. Sami Zayn
9. Johnny Knoxville
10. Angelo Dawkins
11. Omos
12. Rebound
13. Chad Gable
14. Dominic Mysterio
15. Happy Corbin
16. Dolph Ziggler
17. Sheamus
18. Rick Boogs
19. Moss allocated
20. Riddle
21. Drew McIntyre
22. Kevin Owens
23. Mystery King
24. Kofi Kingston
25. Otis
26. Great E
27. Bad Rabbit
28. Shane McMahon
29. Randy Orton
30. Brock Lesnar

removal order
1. Roberto Roode
2. Shinsuke Nakamura
3. Johnny Knoxville
4. Sami Zayn
5. Angel Dawkins
6. Montez Ford
7. Damián Priest
8. Omos
9. Rebound
10. Dominic Mysterio
11. Austin Theory
12. Ridge Holanda
13. Chad Gable
14. Estilos AJ
15. Rick Boogs
16. Moss allocated
17. Happy Corbin
18. Kofi Kingston
19. Sheamus
29. Dolph Ziggler
21. Mystery King
22. Kevin Owens
23. Great E
24. Otis
25. Randy Orton
26. Bad Rabbit
27. Riddle
28. Shane McMahon
29. Drew McIntyre

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