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After a very difficult year in terms of health, Soledad Aquino received a liver transplant last June 10 and, according to herself, she is recovering favorably. In this context, her daughter Candelaria Tinelli showed a heartfelt letter that she had written to her motherafter having a fight with her.

It all started when the influence He started looking in a drawer and found a series of photos with his sister Micaela. From that, started sharing pictures on their Stories from Instagram over 10 years ago and she took with great humor the hairstyles and styles that both had at that time.

Beyond the laughs, he also gave himself a moment to share with his followers a letter he wrote to his mom, in what seemed to be an apology after a fight. “Lelé” took a photo of the note and uploaded it to the social network.

Ma: last night I came to apologize, but you were already asleep. I didn’t want to treat you badly, and I don’t want you to think that I don’t want to see you happy… On the contrary, sorry if I can’t prove it to you, but know that it’s not like that”, begins the handwritten text, in blue ink and printed letters, which the singer exposed.

The memory of the letter that Cande Tinelli wrote to Soledad Aquino
The memory of the letter that Cande Tinelli wrote to Soledad AquinoInstagram

Then, and to seal the apology to Aquino, Candelaria promised to change his attitude: “I promise to try to change, whatever it takes. I love you so much and sorry again. I hope you understand me. Lelé”, the note ends.

Beyond the fact that the artist did not tell the background of the fight she had with Soledad, surely after receiving that text everything was in the best terms.

Before sharing this moving request, the daughter of Marcelo Tinelli had shown a series of photos in which he appears with his sister Mica and had fun showing the haircuts They had. To the point that pointed at his dad for not telling them they didn’t look good.

The memory of Cande Tinelli and his father's response
The memory of Cande Tinelli and his father’s responseInstagram

“Flogger? emo? What face…was it? Guys, I’m dying, why didn’t anyone tell me anything?, limited to the first image, which shows her with the classic hairstyle that was a trend for some years in the country.

“What a hdp you, what a guacho that you didn’t tell us anything”, crossed his father in a post where he shared the retro postcard with his sister. The driver’s defense was immediate: “They were divine, it was the look that was used at that time. They set trends, they were trendsetters.

Along the same lines, he also recounted how his 15th birthday was back then: “My party of 15 was not a party of 15, it was a party floggers. I invited half the country floggerswho didn’t even know who they were. In other words, I brought them into my house, they came in and I said: ‘Hello, who are you?’, and they answered ‘white chocolate’, ‘black gum’, I don’t know; we dance music very freak, it was anything, what horror”.

Finally, he recalled the frequent use he gave to Fotolog, the social network that was fashionable at the time and that many of its followers undoubtedly remember. “The worst thing is that at that age we had a low self-esteem, we thought we were a thousand, and Needless to say, he had a Fotolog, which uploaded many photos with his hand covering his face.”, she expressed very amused.

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