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Puebla, Pue. to the construction sector in Puebla it still needs to recover 4,000 of the 10,000 jobs lost during the covid-19 pandemic, which is why it plans to achieve it in 2022, with the promotion of public works at the three levels of government in the case of projects in the state.

This was commented by Héctor Sánchez Morales, president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC) in Puebla, highlighting that 2021 was complicated by the rise of up to 17% in materials and, despite this, they managed to get ahead on the job issue, which is subject to public works, where they concentrate 60% of the activity.

However, he considered that this year is complicated, because more projects are required and with the covid-19 pandemic “An environment of uncertainty is generated, with respect to restrictions being applied again to all productive sectors.”

Sánchez Morales said that the increases that occurred in some materials had not been seen in the last 14 years and that impacts the execution times of the works that must be stopped or slow down.

For example; the increase of steel, which rose between 30 and 54%, and cement between 15 and 20%, so due to these increases, the price of new homes rose approximately 10% from last year, he explained.

He said that as of February they hope that the first tenders will begin to be issued, especially state and federal in infrastructure, which implies that they can hire personnel and, with this, be able to settle the pending labor.

The president of the CMIC in Puebla said that builders also think about private projects, which are focusing on housing by the high demand that exists on the part of those who have credit and want to use it to stop paying rent.

In this context, he reiterated that the costs of the houses rose due to the scarcity of materials that implied paying more for the same amount, and now the developers must solve by modifying the prices.


Although they are also working on shopping mall projects, given the growth of this sector in the Angelopolis and the metropolitan area, since there are many entrepreneurs with ideas of having their own business.

He indicated that the activity of the sector will depend a lot on how the public works projects are taking place and that the local authorities have the Puebla builders as a priority to execute them.

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