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In the middle of a live TN broadcast, Maru Duffard received an unexpected but very pleasant surprise And he couldn’t help but get excited. The journalist gave way to the mobile and found that the chronicler was with her family in San Martín de los Andes and, as if that were not enough, was able to meet his newborn nephew. Later, she described what she felt at the time through a heartfelt Instagram post.

It all happened on Friday while she was driving TN Central and they informed him that there was a cell phone from San Martín de los Andes. From there, Paula Bernini | had gathered the whole family of the journalist, which was shown together before the cameras.

In this context, Duffard’s brother began to present his family and from the first moment the journalist’s eyes filled with tears. “I live with my wife Sabrina, my brother-in-law Julián, Susana who is the best mother-in-law, Alfonso and Octavio who was born on Monday”, commented the man while the camera punched the baby’s face.

“Paula, I’m going to kill you because you have my whole family there on television”, said the journalist, as she laughed and covered her mouth, visibly moved to be able to see her relatives.

Maru Duffard met her nephew live and was moved

Hours later, Maru shared the video of that remote meeting on her Instagram account and wrote a heartfelt reflection, in which she thanked her team for such a beautiful surprise. “This beautiful moment was given to me yesterday by my colleagues, my family and my work. TV and its people also do these things”, began by saying the journalist.

And he continued: “I always wondered what motivated people to approach a mobile to send greetings to their loved ones. Yesterday it was my turn. And I was moved to tears when I met my youngest nephew on TV and saw what my mother and my brothers did for me, to reduce the kilometers. Those things in life. And of journalism and television”, he added, referring to the emotion of being able to see his nephew on a television mobile.

Maru Duffard's message
Maru Duffard’s messageInstagram

Finally, the journalist did not want to stop thanking her colleagues: “For allowing me to share the best of me with the entire audience: my family. Thank you always”.

The posting on Instagram reached a lot of repercussion and did not go unnoticed at all. Nowadays, It was on the verge of 25,000 reproductions and has already exceeded 3,000 likes. In addition, he accumulated more than 100 comments from followers who felt identified with what he said about the emotional moment. One of the people who commented was his ex-partner Marcela Pagan, who trusted: “I die of love!”.

In her account, the journalist usually shares content about her family life and particularly about Isabel, the baby she had with Gastón Cavanagh. Her daughter was born on April 12, 2021 and is usually shown on networks enjoying herself with her.

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