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After the avalanche that occurred in El Chaltén while two climbers began the descent, one of them was able to be evacuated by an operation. But nevertheless, Corrado “Korra” Pesce, a 41-year-old Italian man, remains trapped and injured on Cerro Torre, in Santa Cruz.

The search for Pesce was suspended last Saturday due to bad weather conditions. With this news, the mountaineer’s family fired him on social networks. “The time deceived you, you could not predict the time of the hours. To help you and the bad weather that came against you. And that damn avalanche, I still can’t believe it.”wrote Lidia Pesce, her sister.

Corrado “Korra” Pesce has a 13-year-old daughter.Facebook / Korra Pesce

“With you you took a part of all of us. For your daughter and your nephews you were and are the Spiderman on ice. It will be hard to swallow all this darkness. I like to remember that as a child you were my torment, but that you did it only to protect me. And now you are my hero”, he honored him on Facebook, in the early hours of this Sunday.

In addition to thanking his mountain companion so much that he was able to survive, the Argentine Thomas Roy AguiloLike those who participated in her brother’s rescue operation, the woman published: “Run… Take care of Leia mainly… And take care of mom and dad… I have a new angel in heaven. I love you and will love you forever… Have a good trip, until we meet again”.

“I can not believe it. You took away a part of all of us. Your daughter, your grandchildren: for them you went and you are the spiderman on ice. It will be difficult to swallow all that you have created. I thank friends and everyone for what they have done for him and I thank Tomas Roy Aguilo for keeping him safe. Watch over mom and dad. Until we meet again, “the sister completed.

The Argentine authorities decided to stop the search operation for Corrado
The Argentine authorities decided to stop the search operation for Corrado “Korra” Pesce due to bad weather conditionsFacebook / Korra Pesce

fish is father of a 13 year old girl and on his social networks he shares images in which they can be seen climbing together.

The climber is one of the mountain guides of the French company Chamonix Experience, located at the base of Mont Blanc. His colleagues, in dialogue with the Italian media The RepublicThey described it as “one of the best in the world”.

“We are following the news for our friends in Patagonia, but they tell us that conditions are difficult. maybe he would have liked stay in the mountains that he loved so much”, added his colleagues.

This Sunday, relatives of Corrado
This Sunday, the relatives of Corrado “Korra” Pesce fired him on social networks when his search was stoppedFacebook / Korra Pesce

Fish is a full-time professional mountain guide. He settled in Chamonix at the age of 19 and began to be a guide in 2009. The Italian, like his Argentine partner, are High Mountain Guides (Uiagm) and are considered elite mountaineers.

Referents of the mountain company in which he works, said: “Korra, an extremely talented climber, has led expeditions all over the world and has visited many emblematic mountain places such as Nepal, India, Patagonia and Canada. His passion and commitment have pushed him to test his skills on some of the most difficult and technical climbs in the Alps.”

The athlete fulfilled very important feats in the world of mountaineering. made summit in the Alps, Patagonia and in the Himalayas, where he repeated the mythical Impossible Star against Bhagirathi III accompanied by Martín Elías, Damien Tomasi and Sebastien Coret.

Corrado “Korra” Pesce made the ascent with fellow Argentine Tomás Roy Aguiló, who was rescuedFacebook / Korra Pesce

After reaching the summit of Cerro Torre, both “Korra” and Aguiló were beginning the descent when the avalanche surprised them. While they were sleeping, around 3 in the morning, an avalanche composed of rocks and ice interrupted their journey. Although Aguiló managed to get down to ask for help, the Italian, badly injured, stayed in a small, difficult-to-access shelter known as “The English Box.”

More than 24 hours after starting the search for help, Aguiló was found by Argentine authorities. But nevertheless, Due to the weather conditions, they had to suspend the rescue mission for Pesce and, as a result of the time that has elapsed, they estimate that it is very difficult for him to remain alive.

The coordinator of the volunteers of the Relief Commission of El Chaltén, the doctor Carolina Codo, said last Saturday to Telam that the rescuers managed to reach the wall where the Italian climber was, but they did not find him.

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