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Mathilde Pinault, the 21-year-old French girl from the marriage of François-Henri Pinault and Dorothée Lepère, He spoke for the first time about the relationship between his stepmother, the Mexican actress Salma Hayek,” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Salma Hayek, whom he described as “a diva”. Let us remember that the actress of Eternals, 55 years old, He married the businessman and fashion mogul in 2009, and they had a daughter together: Valentina Paloma.

In dialogue with Vanity Fair magazine, Mathilde spoke in detail about the link she has with Hayek, but not before admitting that she does not give interviews because she is a “very shy” person who frequently feels “afraid”. “I had a privileged childhood,” he assured, although he made a caveat: “But don’t confuse what a family can offer you with what a family has. The most important wealth that my father, my mother, my brothers and also my father’s new wife, Salma Hayek, have passed on to me is open-mindedness, a fundamental lesson of curiosity about life. Each one of them has been very important”.

The young woman, who is studying in Paris and who is passionate about horses, He told how they managed to form an assembled family with total naturalness. “My father loves us in a very surprising way. For many years, perhaps also because of the many times he was away for his work, I thought that I had to be perfect so that he would be proud of me at all times. Then I found out that just being who I am made him proud, it was just us, his family. That love so pure, so unconditional, left me speechless, “said the young woman.

In another section of the interview, he emphasized what his mother, Dorothée, instilled in him. “She taught me to learn that everything slips like ducks that, after getting wet, can fly without problems, she taught me not to worry too much about what people think of me,” he remarked. “My three brothers too [François, Agustin y Valentina]Despite being very different from each other, they made me understand the importance of living in the moment,” he added.

In addition, Mathilde dedicated a few words to Hayek, remarking that she has “a complicated life” due to her status as a diva. “I owe him a great teaching, because he taught me how important it is to know how to simplify doubts and fears, resizing them to the simplicity of everyday life,” he revealed and She said that he calls her on the phone “frequently” when something is not going as she expected. “She has the power to take the weight off difficulties to turn them into obstacles that have to be faced little by little”, Pinault concluded about his father’s wife, whom he does not usually talk about due to her notoriously low profile.

Salma Hayek spoke about her harsh experience with the coronavirus
Salma Hayek spoke about her harsh experience with the coronavirus

Last year, the actress Frida He told Variety magazine that he contracted coronavirus early in the pandemic, in the spring of 2020, and that it was one of the toughest times of his life. “My doctor begged me to go to the hospital because I was very ill,” Hayek recounted. “I said, ‘No, thanks. I’d rather die at home.” he added. Salma lives in a London mansion next to Pinault and his daughter, Valentina. According to her words, she needed oxygen and spent seven weeks isolated in one of the rooms. In addition, he still has lingering Covid symptoms because he was unable to regain the energy he had prior to going through the disease.

Hayek with Mathilde and her husband at the premiere of La casa Gucci
Hayek with Mathilde and her husband at the premiere of La casa GucciGetty Images

On the other hand, the actress is dedicated to making Latino artists visible. “We are in a process of experimentation, of finding not only our identity, but also of making important decisions that concern me, and for which I do not have the answers. When I talked about the integration of Latinos in the universe, and that they take us into account, I was referring to that, to integration, ”he told this medium in an exclusive interview.

Salma Hayek and her daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault
Salma Hayek and her daughter, Valentina Paloma PinaultJordan Strauss – Invision

“I feel that in the effort to be politically correct, more compartments start to appear, when what I wanted was for the limits of those compartments to disappear, not for more limits to appear and to start saying ‘Colombians here, Argentines here, Chileans here, Spaniards there, Brazilians on the other side, and Mexicans here’. And I say that this is strange for me, it was not what I imagined, or what I was fighting for (…) I wanted them to see us as ‘part of’, not to fragment us more into differences”, he remarked and added: “Do we unite or separate? I say we stick together until death,” he said.

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