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San Lorenzo It appears quite improved as a team since the arrival of Pedro Troglio. The Cyclon beat National, In uruguay, on penalties 3-1 after drawing 2-2 in the 90 minutes and kept the Jose Francisco Sanfilippo Cup. The duel was played at Grand Central Park Stadium, and was led by Esteban Ostojich. The goals of the match had been scored by Ricardo Centurión and Agustín Martegani for the azulgrana team, while Juan Ignacio Ramírez and Emmanuel Gigliotti had converted for the Purse.

In the penalty shootout, Augustus Battle He was one of the figures after deflecting the shots of Joaquín Sosa and Monseglio. The only penalty goal was scored by Gigliotti. San Lorenzo, on the other hand, had perfect efficiency: converted the three he executed, from the feet of Ortigoza (when not…), Gabriel Rojas and Sabella.

The first half was for Nacional, who was able to convert with a header from Otormín that hit the right post of Batalla and won after the first 45 minutes with a goal from Ramírez. But the Cyclone reacted in time, he could even win it in discount, but Alexis Sabella he wasted a clear chance to score.

The jewel of the party contributed it Agustín Martegani, with a dribble and a left foot that gave the Barça team a 2-1 win. The youngster came from scoring a great goal against Estudiantes de La Plata, with a mouthpiece and unbalanced again after receiving an assist from Uvita Fernández.

Martegani, the 21-year-old offensive midfielder wasn’t the only standout of the night. Ricardo Centurión scored his first goal with the San Lorenzo shirt 17 minutes into the second half: corner by Gabriel Rojas from the left, advance by Gordillo with a header at the near post and a header by former Racing and Boca. Then the coach asked him: “Are you ready to go out?” and received as an answer: “Give me five more minutes”. It was the second game that the striker played in the week, that’s why the consultation.

Gordillo, mark and effort in midfield for San Lorenzo
Gordillo, mark and effort in midfield for San LorenzoSan Lorenzo Press

Deadline expired, Troglio replaced him with Alexis Sabella and congratulated Centurión for the effort and performance demonstrated in Montevideo. It is known, the wing is a different player and he even had an offer to return to Racing in this transfer market, but he chose to wear the San Lorenzo shirt.

El Ciclón had started losing with a goal from Juan Ignacio Ramírez, 26 minutes into the first half: after a long ball and a misunderstanding by Gino Peruzzi in the closing attempt, the ball fell to the striker, who defined it with a cross shot under the gaze of Augusto Batalla.

What was said: San Lorenzo had turned the game around with the goals of Centurión and Martegani, but who had the last word in the 90 minutes was Emmanuel Gigliotti. In the absence of 7 minutes, the former 9 of Boca and Independiente (who had entered instead of the other gunner, Ramírez) captured a rebound that Battle gave after a shot from outside and touched the net with his left foot.

Martegani, unbalanced, served the goal to alexis sabella at 93 minutes, but the midfielder missed the goal in an incredible way with a left foot that went over the crossbar.

Throughout this preseason, San Lorenzo had beaten Independiente and Talleres, both 1-0, Estudiantes de La Plata (2-1) and fell with Boca (1-0). Against Nacional, on Saturday night, it was the first draw of the Troglio era.

San Lorenzo: Augustus Battle; Gino Peruzzi, Federico Gattoni, Cristian Zapata, Gabriel Rojas; Yeison Gordillo, Nestor Ortigoza; Nicolás Fernández Mercau, Ricardo Centurión, Nicolás Fernández; Ezekiel Ceruti. DT: Pedro Troglio.

National: Martin Rodriguez; José Luis Rodríguez, Mathías Laborda, Nicolás Marichal, Camilo Cándido; Felipe Carballo, Diego Rodríguez, Alfonso Trezza, Leandro Otormín; Alex Castro and Juan Ignacio Ramirez. DT: Pablo Repetto.

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