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the summer holidays of Maximo Kirchner They were spent mainly in Río Gallegos, where he combined family rest with political activity. In the defining days for the agreement that the Government sealed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the head of the ruling bloc in the Chamber of Deputies and leader of La Cámpora was back in Buenos Aires, although his positions were not disclosed at that time. crucial. In addition to the extraordinary sessions that the Lower House will have, the elections of the district authorities of the Buenos Aires Justicialist Party, which has been leading since last year after overcoming negotiations and controversies, appear on its agenda.

“He was in Río Gallegos and is now in Buenos Aires”, confirmed to THE NATION a trusted source of Máximo Kirchner. The source added that the son of the vice president Cristina Kirchner He “stayed” most of his time off in the capital of Santa Cruz.

During his stay in Patagonia, the deputy’s political activity remained current, although Kirchner’s meetings or positions on pressing issues on the official agenda such as the negotiation with the IMF defined on Friday (at the end of 2021, he had indicated) were not publicly disclosed. in radio statements that any agreement would be better than the one signed by the government of Mauricio Macri in 2018). “You never stop doing politics, you are talking all the time. And, of course, there was rest and family time, “summarized the field source consulted.

In those political dialogues that the head of La Cámpora maintained during his vacation days in Río Gallegos, there were interlocutors from Buenos Aires. as far as he could tell THE NATION, among the provincial referents with whom he spoke were Martin Insaurralde (Chief of Cabinet of the Government of Axel Kicillo and key political partner of Cristina’s son) and Andres Larroque (Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community and Secretary General of La Cámpora).

Since December of last year, Máximo Kirchner has been the president of the PJ of the province of Buenos Aires, in which he took office with a ceremony in the San Vicente villa that was owned by Juan Domingo Peron. His arrival at the provincial Peronist leadership was challenged by Fernando Gray, the mayor of Esteban Echeverría, who was a party vice president when the process that led the deputy to the presidency began. That claim, which challenges the early call for elections in which Kirchner was elected, remains latent in the Supreme Court of Justice.

Máximo Kirchner presides over the Buenos Aires PJ;  led its first party council meeting in December
Máximo Kirchner presides over the Buenos Aires PJ; led its first party council meeting in DecemberThe Campora

As the highest authority of the Buenos Aires PJ, Kirchner awaits after his break in Río Gallegos the organization of an internal electoral process. This year, the provincial Peronism will renew the authorities in the districts, an election with a defined date but that could be postponed.

According to the last electoral calendar released by the party, the elections would be on March 27. They already suffered a postponement last year, in the middle of the days that preceded the assumption of the head of La Cámpora, and would be postponed again. “It would be at the end of May”, answered a leader of the Buenos Aires PJ before the query of THE NATION; “The idea was April,” said another man in charge within the party.

In these district elections, the objective of the party authorities (Kirchner is accompanied by national ministers, mayors and the deputy governor Veronica Magario, among others) is that there are single lists of consensus in the districts governed by the Front of All, while in those in the hands of the opposition, internal ones could be enabled.

Although the electoral issue in the PJ “is still green”, as a Justicialist leader defined in dialogue with this newspaper, some PJ voices object to the unity lists and mention cases such as that of Tigre, an official municipality in which they do not rule out that the bid of power that they hold Sergio Massa and the mayor Julius Zamora moves to the local partisan election.

“Máximo wants to put together lists in all the districts. He made a feint of going through the rural interior, but he has no way of reaching those places with La Cámpora. If La Cámpora presents lists, there will be inmates in a lot of districts”, maintains a Peronist man from Greater Buenos Aires.

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