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CÓRDOBA.- After sharing a barbecue with Pro leaders and legislators, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta returned to the city of Buenos Aires. He spent a day and a half in Córdoba at the beginning of his national Installation Campaign, which included a lunch with the cuartetero Carlos “la Mona” Jimenez and the passage through Cosquin, where the National Folklore Festival takes place. At this Sunday’s meeting, he left a key definition for both his local partners and the Casa Rosada: there will be no alliance with the local Peronism of Juan Schiaretti in 2023.

In addition, the head of the Buenos Aires government requested that the table of Together for Local Change to discuss key issues and avoid disagreements. Several times he insisted that he works for the unity of the alliance and emphasized scare away the ghost of a possible agreement with Cordovan Peronism, faced with Kirchnerism but also with the local partners of the Civic Front, the UCR, the Civic Coalition and the macrismo.

It was during a section of the meeting in which the provincial strategy for next year was discussed when Rodríguez Larreta emphasized that there will be no agreement with Schiarettism. “That there is no confrontation does not mean that there is an alliance,” he said, as he told THE NATION one of those present

La Mona Jimenez and Horacio Rodriguez Larreta
La Mona Jimenez and Horacio Rodriguez LarretaPro

At the asado in Antigua Estancia, a gated community in Villa Allende, Rodríguez Larreta stated that Pro will have to put candidates on all the lists of all the districts: this reinforcement will also support the idea that there will be no agreement with Peronism. There was a leader who slipped that share electorate with that political sector.

Rodríguez Larreta heard questions about the attitudes of some members of Pro regarding the debate on the legalization of online gambling in Córdoba, which opened a fracture in Together for Change in Córdoba. the legislator Alberto Ambrossio He was the one who pointed out that the same rule exists in CABA and in Buenos Aires, so that fracture was illogical.

The head of the Buenos Aires government avoided responding promptly and confirmed that to avoid these discussions, a local JxC table is needed. He even argued that if the national table had intervened in the strategy regarding the modification of Personal Property failure in Congress could have been avoided.

He had lunch in Villa Allende with PRO leaders and legislators.
He had lunch in Villa Allende with PRO leaders and legislators.

Pro’s leadership told him that they were ready for that design, but that it depended on the decisions Mario Negri (RCU) and Louis Judge (Civic Front). He was meeting with both leaders during these hours and pointed out that they did not have any objections either. Larreta was not seen with Rodrigo de Loredo, protagonist of the fracture of the UCR bloc in Congress, because the deputy is on vacation.

Saturday was lunch with Mona Jimenez. Larreta shared it on his social networks: “Tell me that you are in Córdoba without telling me that you are in Córdoba. Great talk, @lamonaoficial. Thanks to you and your family for having me”.

A coffee with Negri was part of the agenda.
A coffee with Negri was part of the agenda.

Before going to Cosquín, Rodriguez Larreta passed through Villa Carlos Paz. A visit that was out of schedule. He got out of the car in the traditional Cu-Cú clock, stopped by a cafe and walked downtown. “I love coming. If I come to Córdoba I will not miss Carlos Paz. I’m going to be going around for a while, ”he declared to Carlos Paz Vivo.

In Cosquín, he visited a replica of the Centennial Park that was set up to activate tourism in CABA and walked around the square where the festival is held.

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