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In 1983, Raul Alfonsin promised that with democracy they would eat, educate and heal, while, from the other side, because “la crack” had not become fashionable, the opposition box was set on fire to make it clear that Peronism was going to “bank what had to be banked”, as he would threaten years later William Moreno so that they would obey him blindly, even without reason.

From those days of illusion to this reality, which you, dear reader, will describe as you see fit or have lived it, Argentines have evaporated just 38 years. And, if we look at the indicators of cosmic inflation, bogged down education in national and international evaluations and a pandemic with more than 120,000 deaths, we would conclude that those promises were nothing more than chimeras.

However, in the midst of the tsunami of conflicting management between which we are on the verge of agreeing with the IMF, we send the chancellor to Washington to beg your support and we are going to Russia already China To demonstrate that we integrate the revolutionary collective of the West, there are breaths of fresh air that are scary for good reason.

How not to be petrified before a politician who throws into the air “it is not ethical to receive remuneration without being useful to the State”, as Federico Polak (no, he is not related to this chronicler and his last name is even spelled differently), when explaining his resignation to be the special representative for the Promotion of Business Activity, or in short, was the second of the Argentine embassy in Spain, but it seems that he got fed up that Ricardo Alfonsin, “the one”, did not give him space to work. Or, in more diplomatic words –”it is a fiasco when it is going to be managed and they prevent it”–, it seems that the son of the father of the current democracy is very discreet in the labor effort.

It is exciting that the also Argentine grandfather of Leonardo Dicaprio (she is in a relationship with her granddaughter, Camila Morrone Pole), with a heart of Racing and that even saved the Bombonera from the auction when he was president of Boca, propose such an unusual way to solve the gigantic fiscal deficit: if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. How dizzying it is to think that, with a bit of labor self-criticism and good will, public spending can be easily reduced. How many politicians are you thinking of, rascal? In truth, there are so many that do not bring utility to the State that if we put them in a row we are going to believe that there are another endless wave of people in need of free testing due to Covid suspicions.

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