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When Sigmund met Salvador: ‘Dali–Freud, an Obsession’ premieres in Vienna – World News in Spanish

Salvador Dalí was obsessed with Sigmund Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams” when he was a very young artist.

now a new exposition in Vienna at the Belvedere Museum exhibits around a hundred objects, paintings and works by Dalí that were influenced by the writings of Freud.

Stella Rollig, director of the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, explained: “Here we cover a good decade of Salvador Dalí’s life and art, which allows us to show the public aspects of Dalí’s work that are not yet known and that are not show frequently.

Through the writings of Freud, Dalí found the key to the hidden fears and desires that had accompanied him since childhood.

Dalí had lost his brother and his mother during adolescence, while his father was an authoritarian who married his late wife’s sister.

The two men met in London in July 1938. The fateful meeting is another theme explored in the exhibition.

The exhibition will run from 28 January — 29 May 2022.



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