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“The Supreme Court invaded the other powers of the State”, sentenced Juan Martin Mena former number two Federal Intelligence Agency (IFA), current Deputy Minister of Justice of the Nation and bishop of Cristina Kirchner in judicial matters, given the recent ruling that declared the 2006 law unconstitutional, which unbalanced the Judicial Council, promoted by today’s vice president.

Judge John Ramos Padilla, who described the aforementioned ruling as “delusional and coup-mongering”, promotes the march against the Court convened for the day after tomorrow. “We will remove this power that affects the sovereignty, development and peace of our people”, he threatened.

The deputy minister of Justice and the judge are unaware that it is up to the Judiciary to exercise control over the constitutionality of laws. This principle, applied for the first time by the Supreme Court of the United States, has been in force for a century and a half and constitutes one of the pillars of our republican system.

The members of the Court are not elected or removed by majority rule like the members of other political bodies, explained the constitutionalist Roberto Gargarella when referring to the “democratic objection” that is interposed in the matter, precisely to have the necessary independence to exercise that power of control of constitutionality.

The toughest Kirchnerism promotes the mobilization ignoring the impeachment as an instrument to remove judges and it does so falsely protected by what they define as a social demand that seeks to “increase popular control”, prevent the application of “laws against the people” and “democratize justice”. Article 121 of the Cuban constitution establishes that the courts are subordinate to the Assembly of People’s Power and the Council of State. doIt will be the model they seek to impose by pressing the Court?

Our national Constitution states that “any armed force or group of people that claims the rights of the people and petitions on their behalf commits the crime of sedition,” a crime of unusual severity.

With his usual violence and “fine” ways, Bonafini shouts: “We have to be many, let it be noticed and it hurts them; bother them.” He proclaims it riding a ghost train of unpresentable, brazen and scoundrels, many of them with criminal records, known for their arrogance and anti-democratic behavior

The Camporista deputy vanessa siley and their peers Leopoldo Moreau Y Hugo Yasky, July De Vido, Maximiliano Rusconi, The Embassador Ricardo Alfonsin and human rights organizations support the mobilization.

Robert Baradel, driver of the Unified Union of Education Workers of Buenos Aires, confirmed the presence of the entity, but not all unions took the same position. Also the highly discredited Pablo and Hugo Moyano, who, it seems ironic, consider themselves victims of judicial persecution, will demand the renewal of the court. Luis D´Elía Y Hebe de Bonafini, who more than once questioned the “fat” cegetistas, today join them to “throw out all the members of the Court.” With his usual violence and “fine” ways, Bonafini shouted: “We have to be many, let it be noticed and it hurts them; bother them.” He proclaims it riding a ghost train of unpresentable, shameless and scoundrels, many of them with criminal records, known for their arrogance and undemocratic behavior.

the president himself Alberto Fernandez I take a stand by stating that “with the Supreme Court there is a very serious operational problem”. Without the slightest self-criticism, the head of state does not seem to want to realize that, if there is a power that really works very badly today, it is precisely the Executive Power that he represents.

The institution is in danger. That “let’s go for everything” regains strength. The crude attack against the highest court of justice in the country threatens to plunge us further into the dark and convulsive stretch of history we are going through. Don’t let them distract us or lie to us anymore. No to impunity, yes to the republic

The independence of the republican powers and the control of the constitutionality of the laws will always be a problem for those who only wish to govern by decree and circumvent the Justice. The President’s statements are inexcusable, especially if one takes into account that they also come from an official law professor who defines himself as democratic.

Law professors from across the country rejected the march and scheduled a meeting in defense of the highest court for two days later. They highlighted the seriousness that members of the three powers of the federal government, with the express endorsement of the President of the Nation, support the dismissal initiative in open violation of the separation of powers established by the Constitution.

The Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires repudiated the march and warned about the seriousness of the new attack on the Power of attorney. The Association of Magistrates and Officials of the National Justice In the same way, he rejected the statements of Alberto Fernández.

Weakened after the last electoral defeat, the times of the ruling party are getting shorter. Confidence in the government is among the lowest in a decade. Everyone chooses their battles and the onslaught against Horacio Rosatti, Juan Carlos Maqueda, Carlos Rosenkrantz and Ricardo Lorenzetti it makes itself seem promising under the guise of a crusade in defense of the people, thus disguising its true vile objective. The speech of the vice president in Honduras blaming the judges for going against the interests of the majority confirms the course.

With tensions increasing, the certainty regarding an impunity plan to benefit Cristina Kirchner is becoming stronger in society and the Government shows that it is increasingly dissociated from the citizen’s agenda. There is no logic, only urgencies. The mobilization proposes a front that overcomes internal differences, when the truth is that its organizers only hide behind the claim of impunity, together in a huge bag of cats. A show of strength that -transport, pay and choripanes by means of- will pretend to become a warning -typical of the idiotic and mafia style to which they adhere- for justice, which must pronounce itself in sensitive cases such as the pact with Iran, Cuadernos, Vialidad, Hotesur and Los Sauces, among many others.

They are also concerned that, in recent times, the Supreme Court has exhibited records of rulings. The ruling party, certainly, would benefit more than ever from its slowness. There are eighty officials with pending appeals for corruption, involved in rulings with a high political and economic impact. Nine appeals filed by the vice president, identified as the head of an illicit association in several court files, are also awaiting the Court.

Without a sufficient number to remove judges, without legislative consensus for the reforms, they only have to run over and insist on the inconsistent and fallacious speech of the lawfare and the accusations to the Court. The magical thinking that allows them to recognize a triumph in a resounding defeat also leads them to delude themselves that honest judges will react to threats and pressure, and simply resign..

The Government will insist on continuing to introduce changes in the rules of the institutional framework to build a similar judicial system, as in the Republic of Cuba. A desperate fight that is waged on several fronts. The battle for Judicial Council It should unite the entire opposition bloc and the treatment of that law in the extraordinary sessions that start the day after tomorrow will be crucial.

Meanwhile, the active Kirchnerist judicial table made up of, among others, by Oscar Parrilli, Eduardo Valdes, Rodolfo Tailhade, Juan Martin Mena and Leopoldo Moreau, also aspires to get rid of the Buenos Aires attorney general, Julius Conte Grand, and the attorney general of the city of Buenos Aires, Juan Bautista Mahiques, in addition to dealing with the reform law of the Court and the specifications of the unpresentable judge Daniel Rafecas to anoint him as chief prosecutor.

The institution is in danger. That “let’s go for everything” gains strength and the ghost train that will march against the Supreme Court threatens to immerse us even more in another dark stretch of difficult return in our troubled history. Don’t let them distract us or lie to us anymore. “Democratizing” will never mean establishing a guarantee of impunity. It is in each one of us to get out of anomie and comfort to take active and joint responsibility for the future of the Nation. Let us demand the strengthening of institutions and defend the division and balance of powers. No to impunity. Yes to the republic. Yes to independent justice. Tomorrow may be late.

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