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the saga Pokemon is about to turn 26 since it was released in Japan: Pokémon Green and Red, for Nintendo’s GameBoy handheld console. Has become the most valuable franchise in the world, ahead of Star Wars or Mickey Mouse and everything he touches turns to gold. Now it’s back to premiere around the world with ‘Pokémon Legends Arceus’ for Nintendo Switch in exclusive.

The fastest could reserve the special editions, that included figures or metal boxes, something that can no longer be obtained when buying in physical format where they have it for sale. Even so, there are many who go to the different video game stores in their cities to get hold of one of them. The tails were the usual tonic on January 28, the day of its launch. So much so that some of them have Exhausted, but luckily there has not been a break in ‘stock’ as happened with the premiere of the PlayStation 5 or the Nintendo Switch itself before Christmas.

Spotify, the music service with the most users

For example in Amazon, has become the best-selling video game in just a few hours. But it has also been the norm in physical stores. The price of launch is 60 euros, although in some stores we can find it up to 20 euros cheaper. Next we see the price in the stores of video games, specialized ecommerces or department stores at the time of publishing the article (January 30), so they may vary:

Blizzard Diablo video game

The next sale, starting in March

As we can see, the cheapest price is found in, a online store specializing in the exchange of video games used through your GameSide Pass. It is a subscription that costs 29.99 euros per month and that entitles you to unlimited exchanges of video games (purchased in that store or in any other). Its catalog is made up of a selection of 240 videogames for PlayStation, Xbox y Nintendo Switch, all of them always less than 18 months old, revised for proper operation. Either way, the price of 39,90 euros what does it cost Pokémon Legends Arceus is for the new video game (for users with or without GameSide Pass) in physical format.

The second best price offers Media Markt and the third PC Components, all of them under 50 euros. It is undoubtedly a time for all fans of the saga to buy the video game, since once all units are exhausted it is estimated that will not be available in Spain again until March for a similar price, between 50 and 60 euros in most stores.

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