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If you are one of the people who take advantage of the holidays to grab a good book and immerse yourself in reading, then this Top 10 is ideal for you. From fantastic and science fiction readings, to journalistic chronicles or stories that you may have already seen transformed into television series. A mix interesting for you to fall in love with your next title and take it with you during your days off.

“The Invisible Life of Addie Larue” by V.E. Schwab

Published in late 2020, this novel focuses on Addie, who – after giving up her soul in exchange for immortality – leaves her hometown and travels the world. Captivating like all Schwab stories, it’s a great book either to discover the author or if you’re a fan of fantasy literature, get hooked on a new novel.

Photo: “The Absent World” by Tom Sweterlitsch

The story centers on Shannon Moss, a member of a secret division of the army focused on criminal investigations. When in 1997 he is assigned the case of a soldier whose family was murdered, he discovers that this team has the ability to travel through time. Mix criminal procedure, thriller and science fiction, “The Absent World” is such an engaging story that you won’t be able to put it down until you finish.

“The Sin” by Petra Hammesfahr

If you saw the fiction starring Jessica Biel, then you know very well what it is about. Written by Petra Hammesfahr, it is the book that gave rise to the show and tells what we saw during its first season. In this case, narrated in the third person, we accompany the entire investigation that seeks to explain why Cora killed that man on the beach. Whether you have seen the series or not, do not stop reading it.

“What the blood hides” by Camucha Escobar

The protagonist is Amaia Rojas, a young woman who overcame a serious illness that prevented her from migrating to Argentina with her father and brothers. It is with his godmother Gabriela that they return to the city where they were happy and settle in the mansion of their maternal family; a place that becomes the setting for a disturbing story full of intrigue, crime, betrayal and revenge.

“Glacier Guinea Pig” by Ariana Atala

From a very attentive and curious look, this author shares with us different chronicles of what -in the first instance- seems simply the day to day of the writer. His life in José Mármol and his maternal home, his time at the University of Social Sciences or the work routine in an important Argentine media outlet. Everything becomes an ideal setting to tell a story that, if they let themselves go, goes a little further than they expect.

“The Death of the Commander” by Haruki Murakami (book 1 and 2)

With its second volume published in early 2020, this compelling story introduces us to a young Japanese man who – in the midst of a personal crisis – decides to isolate himself in a friend’s country house. There he discovers a portrait that becomes the connection to a fantastic world where the line between reality and fiction is completely blurred.

“Welcome to Dietland” by Sarai Walker

Do you remember Fight Club? Welcome to Dietland has a bit of that and a lot of gender perspective. Plum is a girl who is overweight and who seeks to do everything possible to remain unnoticed while getting into the most crazy diets imaginable. After certain events, your mind clicks and that’s when you decide to join the body revolution. A difficult book to read but highly recommended.

“The Ocean at the End of the Road” by Neil Gaiman

One of the favorite books of every fantasy reader and fan of Neil Gaiman. With an (apparently) small story, the narrator invites us to learn about some chilling events that he experienced during his childhood. 40 years later, he returns to that same place to remember. A text about memory, the desire to survive, magic and -above all- the power of stories.

“In the Far Southeast” by Facundo Di Genova

The history of Argentina and World War II has hundreds of chapters and Mar del Sud seems to take center stage. This is what caught Facundo, who, in his new book of chronicles, seeks to discover what happened to the caravan of Russian Jews who found their promised land and their tragic end there.

“The Wheel of Time. The Eye of the World” by Robert Jordan

First of the fifteen books that make up Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time saga (a fiction that was recently adapted by Amazon), it is a fantastic odyssey and epic adventure, ideal for those who love Game of Thrones. The story takes us to a world where magic exists and this is the setting where we are introduced to Rand Al’Thor and his friends, who see their lives interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious magician who is capable of channeling the One Power. And now they must find a way to save the world.

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