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Contrasted, the parties in Congress will begin the ordinary period of sessions; On the one hand, Morena, PVEM, PT and PES will seek to pass the president’s electrical reform, while PAN, PRI, PRD and MC will try to prevent it from advancing in the terms of the Executive.

GN, Covid and medicines, priorities in the Senate

In the Chamber of Senators, the legislative priorities of the Morena parliamentary group for the second period of ordinary sessions of the first year of the LXV Legislature are to approve the initiative of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for reforms to the Constitution in matters of electricity, and to transferring the National Guard to the Secretary of National Defense that the Mexican president announced for some time that he would formally present to the Congress of the Union.

Although the senatorial caucuses of the so-called contention bloc, which make up the PAN, PRI, PRD and MC, will each promote their respective legislative agendas with a variety of issues, they have all already warned that they will not approve, in their terms, the referred electricity constitutional reform .

That means that the López Obrador reform cannot be considered dead yet, especially if the lower house, where it is currently being discussed, approves it with changes to the original project.

To the 496 initiatives presented from September 1 to date by the eight parliamentary groups represented in the upper house, the vast majority pending approval, must be added those that derive from the new issues that each one agreed and that will be formalized this week before the Board of Directors as part of their respective legislative agendas.

Ricardo Monreal Ávila, coordinator of the Morena parliamentary group, reported that the agenda of priorities for the Morenoites, approved over the weekend, includes the solution of the country’s three main problems: “guarantee public security and restore peace; address the human and economic impacts caused by the pandemic; and the increase in prices in Mexico and in the world.”

In addition, the legislative priorities of the federal Executive in electrical, political-electoral matters and on the National Guard will be addressed.

The PAN senators will emphasize, among other issues, the pending legal reforms that guarantee the supply of medicines in the country, and will insist that the government implement support measures to detonate the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among the amendments that the MC bench will promote starting tomorrow, the review of the Fiscal Coordination Pact stands out to establish a new distribution of resources from the federal treasury to the 32 states of the country.

The PRI will not take their finger off the line in the need to grant fiscal stimuli, while the PRD, like Morena, go for the regulation of cannabis, a reform that has been stuck in the Mexican Congress for almost three years.

Violence and corruption, themes in San Lázaro

The president’s electrical reform, as well as changes in electoral matters, gender equality and legal changes to deal with violence and corruption, are part of the priority issues for the federal deputies belonging to the different parliamentary groups of San Lázaro ahead of the start of the second regular session of the first year of the LXV Legislature.

At the conclusion of their plenary meeting, the Morena deputies indicated that the electrical reform of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be part of their legislative agenda, in addition to modifying the law to be able to use the resources seized from drug trafficking to equip state and municipal police.

In addition to discussing that political parties comply with the principle of gender parity in the registration of candidacies in the Legislative and Executive powers.

For its part, the PAN in San Lázaro stressed that the fight against corruption, resistance to authoritarianism and the defense and protection of autonomous bodies will be a priority for its deputies.

At the same time, it will seek to promote a better interrelation between powers, a greater balance of checks and balances and instruments and tools for better representation.

They added that defending that the electoral referee continues with autonomy and as a citizen, is one of the priorities as well.

On the other hand, the PRD defined as part of its legislative agenda issues such as the rejection of the electricity reform if it is not modified, as well as promoting substantive parity, transparency and the fight against corruption.

The coordinator of the Aztec sun in San Lázaro, Luis E. Cházaro, expressed that the electrical reform will not be accompanied by his party until the changes that incorporate the energy transition are made, and it is explained how they intend to lower the costs of the input so that these are reflected in the electricity bills of the most needy people. “In the terms in which it is, the Bartlett law is not going to pass,” he warned.

In turn, facing its plenary meeting today, the PRI in Deputies maintained that it is looking at issues such as electricity reform, elections, and issues related to the country’s economy and the social situation, including violence.

“We are concerned about the high level of violence against girls and boys, against journalists, we are concerned about violence against women. We are quite concerned about the inflationary issue, I think that things in this country are not going well economically,” said the leader of the PRI in Deputies, Rubén Moreira Valdéz.

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