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The former presidential candidate of the PAN, Ricardo Anaya Cortés, will appear this Monday, January 31 at 9 in the morning before a control judge of the North Prison of Mexico City in the criminal process that is being followed for the crimes of bribery, money laundering, of money and criminal association, for allegedly receiving bribes from the Odebrecht company.

Anaya acknowledged last year that he was outside the country, so in the last hearing he had in November 2021, federal judge Marco Antonio Fuerte Tapia ordered him to attend in person this Monday, or else he would order the Attorney General’s Office the Republic (FGR) to seek the means it deems appropriate to guarantee its presence in the courtroom. However, there is still the possibility that the judge will allow Anaya to attend via videoconference, since the country is experiencing the fourth peak of infections due to the Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In this hearing, it is expected that the social representation will charge Anaya with the aforementioned crimes, due to a complaint filed by the former director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Emilio Lozoya Austin, who accused that high-ranking Odebrecht officials bribed opposition legislators —including them Anaya—to vote in favor of the energy reform promoted at the time by then President Enrique Peña Nieto.

There is the possibility that, if Anaya attends the hearing in person or virtually and the judge finds elements, he will be linked to the process for the crimes he is accused of, and if he is not present, an arrest warrant will be issued against him.

It is also expected that at the hearing, agents of the federal Public Ministry will ask the judge for preventive detention against Anaya Cortés for the duration of the process, due to her high level of escape, since on August 23 of last year, when He presumed an investigation against him, left the country and even made it public through a video that he posted on his social networks.

Odebrecht case

According to the FGR, the high officials of Odebrecht Brazil, Hilberto Mascarenhas Alves da Silva Filho; Marcelo Odebrecht; Luis Alberto de Meneses Weyll and Luis Weyll, declared ministerially in Brazil that as of 2012, when the government of Enrique Peña Nieto began in our country, they sought contracts in substantive operations of Petróleos Mexicanos and for this they gave bribes to Emilio Lozoya, then director from Pemex, as a first payment of 10 million dollars to guarantee control over that oil production.

Emilio Lozoya filed a complaint in 2020 where he stated that he received “superior” instructions to deliver 6 million 800,000 pesos to Ricardo Anaya, so that he would vote in favor of the energy reform to open the oil industry to the private sector. It should be noted that Anaya was elected federal deputy through the plurinominal route in the 2012 elections, a position he held until 2015 when he left to become the national leader of the PAN.

The FGR assures that, “according to ministerial proceedings”, Emilio Lozoya’s own bodyguard chief, Norberto Gallardo Vargas, gave Anaya the 6.8 million pesos at the Chamber of Deputies’ facilities in 2014.

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