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Roberto Gil Zuarth left his seat in the Senate of the Republic just three years ago, just after the last ordinary period of sessions of the LXIII Legislature of the Congress of the Union had started. Abruptly, he ended a decade of first-level public office to retire —at the age of 41— and resume his private activities, as a lawyer.

During his time in the upper house, he presided over the board of directors, right in the middle of Enrique Peña Nieto’s six-year term. With Ernesto Cordero and Salvador Vega Casillas, he formed a block of former collaborators close to Felipe Calderón who reached jurisdiction and defended the legacy of the last PAN president.

Luis Miguel Gerónimo Barbosa Huerta preceded him on the board of directors, who was also coordinator of the PRD caucus. That legislature produced a litter of governors of all partisan stripes.

The links between the former PAN senator and the governor of Puebla go back to the previous decade and were strengthened during the six-year period of the PAN, when both held a seat in the Upper House. Lawyers, specialized in electoral litigation, both played a relevant role in the legislative process that led to the appointment of the members of the autonomous bodies.

For example, Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón, who had served as technical secretary of the Justice Commission, which was then chaired by Gil Zuarth, arrived at the Electoral Court of the Judiciary. And the INAI was joined by Zacatecan lawyer Francisco Acuña Llamas, who left Ernesto Villanueva from Michoacán on the way, who had the support of Barbosa to preside over the new body that guarantees access to information. For the INE, on the other hand, then they would have blocked the promotion of Carla Humphrey —ex-wife of the PAN parliamentarian—, despite the fact that the former IEDF counselor was among the best evaluated applicants.

Both legislators were at the center of a block of senators that, without challenging the line of the party leaders, had a “life of its own” and a trans-exennial project whose validity right now is unknown.

A generation of lawyers who united their destinies in the preparatory times and who strengthened ties in their postgraduate studies in Spain.

Expelled from the PAN leadership, since the rise of Ricardo Anaya, the Calderonistas took a nonpartisan route, but —according to the evidence collected in the last biennium— a faction would be close to the Citizen Movement. Another, headed by Gil Zuarth, focused on business. At Accuracy —a consulting and legal services firm— he would be with his former parliamentary colleagues, Salvador Vega Casillas and José Luis Lavalle Maury, but the scandal of the bribes allegedly paid by Emilio Lozoya in the approval of the energy reform of the previous six-year term, gave the Disrupt your business model.

Those associated with the office diligently attended the governments of Puebla and Tamaulipas. And precisely its ties with that border entity would explain the recent belligerence of a morenista sector against Gil Zuarth. The same file that had been leaked on the management of his bank accounts now supports the display of “irrefutable evidence” of his interference in the legal action against the employers of the University of the Americas-Puebla.

Behind would be litigants and notaries from Tabasco who would have helped the former PAN senator to establish contact with the current Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández. Or at least that’s what they presumed until a few weeks ago…

Side effects

DECREE. After her work to route the Mayan Train, from SEDATU, María Estela Ríos González landed in the Legal Department of the Government of the Republic, to fill the vacancy of Julio Scherer Ibarra. And in the last two weeks, on instructions from above, he has worked on two documents: the decree that will extinguish 16 decentralized bodies —including the SNA, Firco and Focir— and the presidential proclamation that will allow commercial aviation to land at the air terminal in Santa Lucía, through a package of benefits that the new Undersecretary of Transport, Rogelio Jiménez Pons.

RETALIATION? Without charging for the cleaning of the public service offices of the Tax Administration Service for six months, the Joad Cleaning firm was warned of a withholding of payments, by the General Administrator, Paloma Aguilar Correa. At the end of last year, their representatives delivered a letter to the head of the SAT, Raquel Buenrostro —with a copy to Secretary Rogelio Ramírez de la O— calling for an end to the persecutions and demanding full compliance with the contractual obligations acquired.

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