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Google is testing a new feature for Chrome on Android. The unstable ‘Canary’ build now has a confirmation dialog that pops up asking users if they want to close all of their Chrome tabs.

Chrome on Android doesn’t come with launch options like the desktop version, where you can restore tabs or continue working from where you left off. Instead, it messes up all your tabs and opens a new window, every time you touch the app. Tabs can be easily closed by accessing the 3-dot menu at the top right. However, bringing them back is almost impossible.

When you close tabs in Chrome (Android), either on purpose or while targeting incognito mode, you get an Undo button that disappears after a few seconds. With this setup, one can easily waste hours of valuable work or research, going up to hundreds of tabs.

However, the new version of Chrome 100 Canary brings a confirmation box that allows you to cancel the closing process. Users can access this setting by visiting the ‘flags’ page in the Chrome Canary build by typing “chrome://flags” in the URL bar.

This will take you to the experimental features page, where you can find the “close all tabs” setting and select “Enabled” via the dropdown menu. With a simple restart, the feature is enabled and you will see a confirmation pop-up whenever you try to close multiple tabs at the same time.

Google has also been testing a tab muting feature for Canary on Windows. The feature allows clicking the speaker icon to mute audio from a tab that is not in use. The 2020 stable versions of Chrome had this feature, though Google eventually removed it when they updated their UI.


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