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For the entire sector linked to live music, this 2022 was shaping up to be the great time of revenge after the long hiatus of shows and recitals during the hardest months of the pandemic and, some time later, the comings and goings of the “new normality”.

But nevertheless, the omicron variant at the end of last year seems to have changed what was planned. In fact, according to data from the British Concert Chamber, LIVE, cancellations reach 44 percent. But not everything is concentrated at that point. According to the data provided, the public, even if they buy the tickets, attend the presentations less for fear of contagion.

Before the pandemic, the percentage of those who had bought the tickets and that, finally, did not attend was around 1 to 3 percent. Nowadays, that figure climbs to 20 percent according to testing that took into account various concerts.

Through tears, Adele announced the suspension of her long-awaited new show in Las Vegas
Through tears, Adele announced the suspension of her long-awaited new show in Las Vegas

To the increase in costs and inflation that also afflicts the United States, the ómicron variant exposed even more the state of the situation regarding the management and production of live concerts. “We must also take into account that the world of live music is largely an industry of oligarchic elders, both by the performers and by the audience and, therefore, by risk groups, both on stage and in the audience. The tours with the most cash last year, which were concentrated all in the fall (from the North), were those of the Rolling Stones, Harry Stiles, Hella Mega (ie Weezer, Fall Out Boy and Green Day), Eagles, Dead & Company, Los Bukis, Guns ‘n Roses and Dave Matthews Band. When the average age of these groups and performers is made, an average of 58 years”, reflects an article in the newspaper The world, from Spain.

As a test case for this weak context and in constant reformulation cancellation appears Adele in Vegas last week. His expected return to the stage for the presentation of his fourth album could not materialize. The diva reported it last Thursday, just 24 hours before her debut. “I want to apologize to you but my show is not ready. We’ve done our best to put it together on time and make it good enough for you, but the delivery delays and Covid have completely destroyed us”, he revealed.

The show Weekends with Adele had a premiere date last Friday at the Colosseum del Caesars Palace, and was going to be on the bill until mid-April, performing two performances every weekend. Of course, as the hours passed, the complexities of the infections within his team began to circulate rumors of production problems of the concert series as alleged problems with his partner.

At least four of the seven members of the K-pop band BTS were diagnosed with Covid
At least four of the seven members of the K-pop band BTS were diagnosed with Covid

The situation replicates in different parts of the world. Today, for example, Jimin, singer and dancer K-pop group BTS, He tested positive for coronavirus and that he also had to undergo surgery for acute appendicitis in Seoul, South Korea. Jimin, 26, is at least the fourth member of the seven-member group to test positive for coronavirus. Rappers RM and Suga and vocalist Jin tested positive in December, shortly after the group returned from a series of concerts in the United States.

Until the arrival of the variant, the sector He had all his expectations placed on this year. According to calculations by Pollstar magazine, in the fourth quarter of 2021, when the economies began to open up, the sector had a worldwide turnover of 1,119 million euros with 15.6 million tickets sold. The ranking of the most profitable tours was occupied by The Rolling Stones, with their Final 13 concerts of the North American leg of their tour No Filter which began, without Charlie Watts, in St. Louis, Missouri. The historic band was followed by The Hella Mega Tour, Eagles, Dead & Company, Los Bukis and Guns N’ Roses, which barely performed 9 concerts, but that allowed them to enter the list of tours with the largest number of spectators.

For this year, it was speculated that the business worldwide would climb to 4,980 million euros with more than 64 million people in the public. The magazine forecast a 12 percent increase in ticket sales and a 1 percent increase in gross receipts. Everything seems to indicate that the new variant of Covid-19 caused the sector to go into recalculation mode.

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