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This summer, Sunday has become a kind of wasteland in television. The scarce local production has some forgettable titles and the leading channels reserve several of their slots for the exhibition of cinematographic material, in many cases repeatedly repeated.

In this extremely poor context, MasterChef Celebrity” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe) is a pleasant exception. The impeccably crafted format, elaborate content and outstanding production occupies the second part of the prime time Telefe, achieving averages well above the daily average. Yesterday, the gastronomic reality hosted by Santiago del Moro averaged 13 points with the usual Elimination Gala that closes the week of the program. The maximum peak of the cooking show was 13.8 points, also achieving the highest lighting on Sunday with 67.7% of the share obtained at 11:45 p.m.

The second place of the most viewed of the day was occupied by Around the world (Telephone). The travel program conducted by Marley makes a good tandem with MasterChef Celebrity. This Sunday he achieved an average of 8.3 points. about the closing of the prime time, TravelChef (Telefe), the satellite program of the contest that precedes it, reached 6.3 points. The three cycles of the night of Telefe exceeded the numbers of eltrece, channel in which he led 100 Argentines say” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>100 Argentines say – Celebrity Special with an average of 5.2 points and a peak of 5.5 points.

In elnueve, relentless, the information format of the show conducted by Susana Roccasalvo, Y I live for you, cycle of interviews animated by Carolina Papaleo Y Julian Soft, led with an average of 1.6. relentless reached a peak of 1.9, while I live for you climbed to 2.1 points. On this channel, Calamaro’s kitchen, led by Javier Calamaro and with very good artistic and technical accomplishment, had an average of 1.4. At this sign, Stay averaged 1.1.

Javier Calamaro conducts La cocina de los Calamaro from his home in Don Torcuato
Javier Calamaro conducts La cocina de los Calamaro from his home in Don TorcuatoAlejandro Guyot – THE NATION

In America, the most watched was The night of the V. The series, based on a living room with guests and the charisma of Flor de la V, averaged 1.3 points and scaled to a maximum of 1.5. couples in summer, led by Sabrina Rojas and Tucu López, scored one tenth less.

Also in America, at 13, it started Playtime, a cycle with guests and games with the public, carried out from the Provincial Hotel of Mar del Plata, which reached an average of 1 point. The drivers, Carla Conte Y Diego Korol, they do what they can with an old format and untidy in its execution, which has the participation of Nazareno Mottola Y Carna Crivelli, who must also make an effort to make ancient games on the sand shine with dignity. In this sense, the programs conducted by Juan Alberto Mateyko are longed for, who from the same place where Playtime carried forward A terrace to the sea, a little over thirty years ago on the screen of the old Channel 13. It is not bad to move the cameras to the sand to portray the pulse of summer, but if there is no good idea behind it, it is not enough. Next, It’s Sunday, we’re on time, with good content and very successful driving, made 0.6 tenths on average.

On Public TV he led the last moon of the Cosquín National Folklore Festival. Within Country Festival, transmission averaged 1.8 and reached a peak of 2.2 points, numbers that allowed him to surpass, by a wide difference, what was obtained by elnueve and América at that time.

The most watched film of the day was Women on the attack, production that averaged 5 points and was issued in the cycle Sunday Cinema 3 (Telephone). In Net TV led fiction Ugly Betty with only 0.4 tenths on average.

I am Betty, the ugly one, the soap opera, repeated repeatedly, which was the most watched on Net TV
I am Betty, the ugly one, the soap opera, repeated repeatedly, which was the most watched on Net TVRCN TV

Last night, the participants of MasterChef Celebrity they found themselves with an extra challenge in which chance played an essential role. The jury, made up of Donato de Santis, Damián Betular and Germán Martitegui, developed a new test, raising the level of difficulty, at the Elimination Gala in which Barbie Vélez had to leave the game” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Barbie Vélez had to leave the game.

Marley and Jimena Barón enjoy showing off their children in public, a usual and certainly debatable practice. Yesterday, in the broadcast of Around the world, the driver and the actress showed the reunion of Mirko and Momo, the little heirs who were the protagonists of the program.

In Stay, officers Tatiana Schapiro and Claudio Pérez received a protocol specialist, who referred to the good manners when using the WhatsApp messaging application. The excessive use of the cell phone and the way in which it is used can also be governed by certain rules of behavior.

In It’s Sunday, we’re on time, the journalist Cora Debarbieri gave details of the celebration of Susana Gimenez’s birthday. The diva celebrated her day quite secrecy, but showed some of the gifts received on her social networks.

Faith Bal leads 100 Argentines say with good timing, opening a new facet in the actor’s career. Yesterday, the always alert journalist Pia Shaw was one of the guests to play on the show, but she couldn’t handle her genius and He did not hesitate to corner the driver, asking him if he plans to marry his girlfriend.

Yamila Cafrune was one of the artists who participated in the last night of the Cosquín National Folklore Festival. One of the songs that the exquisite artist performed was “Juana Azurduy”, the classic composed by Ariel Ramírez and Félix Luna, accompanied by the Tango Jazz Quartet.

1. MasterChef Celebrity Elimination Gala (Telefe) 13 rating points

2. Around the world (Telefe) 8.3 points

3. TravelChef (Telefe) 6.3 points

4. 100 Argentines say celebrity special (eltrece) 5.2 points

5. Sunday Cinema 3 Women on the attack (Telefe) 5 points

Data provided by Kantar Ibope Media

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