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Monterrey, NL. The dams that supply water to the Monterrey metropolitan area have been drying up due to the lack of rain: Cerro Prieto is at 9.83% full, La Boca at 24.51% and El Cuchillo at 53.98%, according to Conagua. To resolve the scarcity of these tributaries, resort to popup fonts, such as shallow wells, to avoid a partial shortage, declared Juan Ignacio Barragán Villarreal, director of Water and Drainage Services of Monterrey.

Barragán explained, in the Nuevos Cambios program of the local television station Multimedios, that there is currently a partial drought that affects the pres of Cerro Prieto and La Boca, located in the citrus zone, where there has been little rainfall in the last six years, which has been less than consumption and evaporation.

“With (that capacity) if we don’t have rains in the coming months, the water from Cerro Prieto can last us 4 to 5 months maximum, and Boca probably a month and a half to two months; this would change if there are heavy rainfalls,” he warned.

The emerging sources, he clarified, are the shallow wells, some started in the previous administration and are in the Macroplaza of Monterrey. “Other wells that were drilled in the 1980s and 1990s are 30 additional wells and we are incorporating wells on loan from companies.”

In addition, there are wells in the Huasteca area, as well as in the municipality of Mina and in the tunnels of Santiago, he added.

forceful actions

During the program, Benjamín Limón Rodríguez, professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), warned that “there is a water stress It is important that it is due to the recharge of aquifers and it is necessary to prepare for the future, so that society becomes aware of climate change that will cause longer droughts, with strong and short rainfall in very localized areas.

For example, in the municipality of Guadalupe and in Monterrey in the Mitras area, “it is water that is not used, we must prepare ourselves with forceful actions, understanding that we are going to live with less water,” said the UANL professor.

For his part, local deputy Waldo Fernández González, from Morena, said he is concerned that the state government will say that there will be no water cuts, since in his opinion consumers should be warned to reduce their consumption of the vital liquid.

Director of Monterrey Water and Drainage He mentioned that 15% of drinking water is wasted in leaks, and 6% of these are brought down in homes. On the other hand, there is “water huachicoleo that causes leaks”, in these cases it is necessary to collaborate with the municipality and the Public Force because it is a risk area, since they stone the parastatal workers who come to close the leaks, Barragan Villarreal said.

According to data from the Drought Monitor Report of With water published on January 20, in the last six months, only the municipalities of Ciénega de Flores, Doctor González, Mier and Noriega appear without drought, the others, including the metropolitan ones, have a territory with an intensity of drought, abnormally dry (D0).

In this report, the municipalities with at least 40% of the territory affected by some drought condition are cited: from abnormally dry (D0), moderate drought (DI), severe drought (D2) and extreme drought (D3).


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