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Throughout these two years of the pandemic, many families have decided to change their lives and go back to the villages in search of tranquility. In addition, the advance of depopulation has contributed to many city councils seeking alternatives and are launched to create initiatives that help to recover the social and economic life of their municipalities. Some of these offers promise guaranteed work in a local business and free or rent-advantaged housing that allows people who move to live.

However, there are others who are looking for a second residence where they can escape in the summer months or during the weekend with the aim of disconnecting. Some towns with few inhabitants offer a wide selection of rural houses in good condition and that offer all the comforts. From terraces and gardens to swimming pools in many cases. On the other hand, what stands out the most is its large size, since most have more than 100 m². In Idealista they have prepared a complete list with this type of houses that have affordable prices between 50,000 and 75,000 euros.

Town house in Cantabria
200 m² for 55,000 euros

In the small town of Quintanilla de Rucandio, which only has 5 inhabitants, there is a house of 200 m². The House it is built with old stone and is in perfect condition, ready to move into. It has three bedrooms, a large kitchen, bathroom, toilet, stable, haystack and garden. Its location is ideal as it is surrounded by nature and is just 20 minutes from Reinosa and an hour and a half from Santander.

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Rural house in Lugo
122 m² for 60,000 euros

This 122 m² house has two floors divided into four bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a large plot of 691 m² with garden, oven, traditional granary and hayloft. In addition, the garage space is included in the price and has a terrace. As indicated, it is recently restored and ready to move into. Although the Paradela area is not very populated, it is just 35 minutes by car from Lugo.

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Townhouse in Castellón
220 m² for 60,000 euros

In the small town of Todolella is this 220 m² house divided into three floors. Outside there is an interior patio, storage room and a Parking space included in the price. Inside, the house has three bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room with a fireplace. In addition, it is an hour and a half from Peñíscola.

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Rural house in Almeria
120 m² for 62,000 euros

This 120 m² house is located in the town of Arroyo Medina, two hours from the center of Almería and with multiple hiking trails around it. The house is distributed over two floors with an elegant wooden-clad staircase, four bedrooms, an open-plan living-dining room, two bathrooms, terraces and a storage room. The plot occupies more than 3,000 m² and has functional pens to keep animals.

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Town house in Salamanca
200 m² for 74,000 euros

Just 40 minutes from Ciudad Rodrigo is the town of Villavieja de Yeltes, a town with more than 700 inhabitants. Its location is key since it is located very close to natural parks such as Arribes del Duero. Right now they have a 200 m² house for sale with up to five bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, a living-dining room with a fireplace and a 400 m² plot. You can include a garage for two cars for 15,000 euros more than the original price.

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