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“We had a noose around our necks and now we have a long way to go,” said Alberto Fernández in his message about the agreement with the IMF. Mr. President, the rope around the neck was placed by you, and by your Minister of Economy, and therefore by the entire Argentine people. The only thing that was done is to pay a debt in a timely manner. What goes unnoticed anywhere in the world is a front-page event in ours. What was supposedly agreed upon with the IMF could have been done more than a year and a half ago. What is known, and as the connoisseurs say, is that the fine print remains to be known, they are expressions of desire that, considering the history of his administration, have a high degree of probability of non-compliance. I am an optimist in life, but that doesn’t mean I stop seeing reality.

Osvaldo R. Massa

DAYS 4,431,279

Today (as so many times) we see the aggravation of tension in Ukraine. First of all, one might ask what Ukraine is. A Russian province? An autonomous region? A country in formation? No, not even remotely like that. Ukraine is a twice-thousand-year-old nation, whose socio-cultural elements were formed even several centuries before Russia itself. When the prominent Slavic kingdom of ancient Kiev had been formed, the notion of a Russian nation did not even exist. When this very kingdom reached its height, Moscow had not even been founded. I once heard someone tell of a Russian proverb that went something like: “As far as the eye can see is Russia.” Perhaps nothing better to demonstrate the notion of megalomania that has led them to become the largest country on Earth artificially, trampling on the freedom and culture of dozens of peoples in Central Asia and the Caucasus, as is the best known case. of the Chechen people, (which is no longer Russian)… Ukraine has its own language, its own capital, its own people. And he has, above all things, an unconditional love for his Cossack past and free from all foreign interference.

As the grandson of Poles, I know almost personally the Russian interference in the very land of my ancestors… Enough Russian interference in Ukraine. No more hysterical romps between Russia and NATO. This is not a game. We are individuals, families and peoples who today hang by a thread in the face of this possible missile madness. Today is the time to contain the “bear” within its own borders (which are not even such). “As far as the eye can see”… no, as far as the eye can see there is a world with different, free and independent nations.

Not everything is Russia…

Gustavo Sterczek

DAYS 22,147,627

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A recent study indicates that the city of Buenos Aires ranks fourth among the noisiest cities in the world. Among the main causes are traffic, public transport and dance halls. Noise pollution generates high blood pressure, heart problems, stress, aggressiveness and deafness. The levels of noise pollution in the city are above the limits allowed by law 1540. It is clear that excessive noise is a public health problem that requires attention and solutions by the authorities. It seems an irrelevant matter for the multiple problems of the porteños, but it is necessary to act to protect the population from this unhealthy problem.

Patrick Oschlies

[email protected]

I returned from Mar del Plata after spending a few days in January in what was the city of my childhood and adolescence. My habit of taking long walks gave me, this time, a bittersweet experience. I stayed in the area adjacent to Güemes Street and perplexedly observed how, in a wide radius, innumerable and certainly very beautiful houses have been demolished, replaced by buildings of varied constructive and architectural quality. This and many others in Mar del Plata have lost or are losing their urban identity, victims of an obvious planning failure that preserves something that in Europe is a highly valued asset. Something that the Argentines themselves (surely among them many people from Mar del Plata) value on their trips abroad. It is curious that in Mar del Plata one of the oldest faculties of its national university is that of Architecture and Urbanism. I wonder if any of his professors or graduates have been able to do anything about it. Surely I am proposing a naivete before the overwhelming power of the commercial interests at stake. The urban landscape implies cultural, psychological and sociological values ​​that deserve to be respected. The modern environmental approach equates it to a true ecosystem that must be preserved. In Mar del Plata, for many years, other priorities prevail.

Roberto Borrone

[email protected]

Along the same lines as Mr. Sandler’s letter, I insist on the significant number of public lighting fixtures turned on during the day that is observed both in CABA and in other cities of the AMBA, such as Avellaneda, San Martín, Quilmes and Lanús. In important avenues, such as Gral. Paz, it is common to find sectors with devices turned on during daytime hours, between San Martín and Rivadavia avenues. The lack of criteria and technical suitability in urban lighting, of politicians and public officials who promise what they cannot deliver, bid poorly and waste the budget, is evident at a glance. Step aside, be accountable and hire specialists. Urban lighting is a vital service for the safety of citizens and not a business for their political interests and greedy pockets.

William Valdettaro

DAYS 13,638,262

Agreement with the IMF. From the Government they emphasize that it is good news because the progress of the country is not sacrificed

“They have already sacrificed retirees, entrepreneurs, businessmen, the countryside, honest workers. The only ones who don’t sacrifice themselves are them and the planeros”- Charles Parpaglione

“What sacrifice if there is no progress?” vanessa aranda

“It’s just that progress has already been sacrificed before!” Diego Gonzalez

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