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Regional, whose main asset is Banregio, has already registered a reactivation in credit demand since the fourth quarter of 2021, and therefore its expectation is that this trend will continue and for 2022 its portfolio growth estimate is between 8 and 12 percent.

“The part of lending is what had not been happening, but we are very happy because it has finally happened,” says Enrique Navarro, Regional’s director of finances.

In an interview, he specified that since last October this financial institution has already begun to see growth in the demand for credit, although not yet to the volume that was wanted.

Proof of this, he says, is that the credit to small and medium-sized companies, as well as that of cars and cards, showed an increase of 20%; In addition to the one destined to larger companies, it also had growth at the end of the year.

“There are already credit applications in the bank that are being analyzed; that will be presented to the Committee and will eventually be approved or rejected, but it is always a good indicator of the future to have credit applications in process and that the credit committee is meeting several times a week to analyze these applications. Yes, we are already seeing recovery, but it does not mean that the entire country is recovering,” he points out.

Based on this, it emphasizes that, according to its guide presented to investors, the expectation is that in 2022 credit in Regional will grow between 8 and 12%, with a strong focus on individuals and small businesses, but also on its main business that They are medium and large companies.

Regarding deposits, it states that positive numbers were recorded in 2021, highlighting a 28% growth in checking accounts.

also in hey

Enrique Navarro anticipates that in 2022 they will also continue with the momentum of Hey Banco, the group’s digital arm, which closed last year with nearly 400,000 clients, although the goal is to reach a million.

But it also highlights that, as with Banregio, the granting of credit will be promoted from here.

“At Hey Banco, the same thing happens to us as with Banregio: we are ready to lend, although here we still need to generate some processes. We are at the moment in auto credit, mortgage credit and credit card. This year is for SMEs at Hey Banco, we are going to start opening accounts for small businesses and giving them credit”, he emphasizes.

Similarly, he comments that it would be in February when the formal request is delivered to the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) to obtain Hey Banco’s independent banking license, since the objective is for it to separate from Banregio.

“We are pushing very hard our digital initiative that is Hey Banco. Also at Hey Banco we closed the year with 400,000 customers. We are very optimistic, we want to continue growing a lot. We have a goal that is to reach a million clients by December of this year”, he mentions.

In addition to these plans, he comments that the consolidation of Banregio will also come in Mexico City and in the southeast of the country. “We are very positive, very optimistic.”

They will analyze the Banamex case, but it seems unlikely

Regarding the possibility that a medium-sized bank such as Banregio could participate in the Banamex purchase process, Regional’s finance director points out that it is appropriate to analyze it, but he sees it as unlikely and unlikely given the size of the Monterrey institution. . In addition, he comments, he has not yet started the process and the details are unknown.

“We are analyzing how we could participate, but it is unlikely, unlikely that we will make an offer due to our relative size,” he stresses.

Regional presented its financial results for 2021 last week, highlighting a profit of 3,556 million pesos, which represented a growth of 20% compared to 2020. Its total current credit portfolio stood at 115,817 million pesos, an increase of 6 % compared to the end of 2020. Inside, an increase in the consumer portfolio of 23 percent stood out.

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