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After three months of analysis, the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) received the conditional authorization of the environmental impact statement (MIA) of the expansion works of the suburban train from the Lechería station to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA). ), which implies a public-private investment of 22,500 million pesos.

The extension of the route is 24 kilometers and the release of the right of way for stations, bridges and railway yard, among other things, is still pending.

“The promoter indicates that the development of the work will be carried out on surfaces already impacted by the current freight train and that in the case of the surfaces required for the stations correspond to areas devoid of forest vegetation, for which it is determined that by not If the removal of forest vegetation is required, the evaluation of environmental impacts derived from the change in land use in forest areas is not required,” reported the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat).

In his response, dated January 20, he added that, regarding the drainage works, which will be of the caissons, gutters and drains type, of which he indicates their location in the complementary information, and they are intended to allow water flow in the area, they will not generate major complications to the environment.

One of the five conditions received by the SICT, despite the fact that the works will be carried out by the Ferrocarriles Suburbanos concessionaire (made up of: CAF with 43.5%, Omnitren with 7.5% and Fonadin with 49%), proposes a term of three months, in such a way that before that time the dependency and before starting the new works, has to present the update of the proposed Environmental Surveillance Program.

Said document “will have as its objective the monitoring of the impacts identified for the project, as well as the quantification of the effectiveness of all the preventive, mitigation and compensation measures proposed by it, and the conditions established in this decision.”

Regardless of the conditional authorization, the expansion works have already begun in the places where there is already a track to meet the goal of inaugurating the expansion works in September 2023, the month in which a person will be able to board the train at the Buenavista station and get off. at AIFA.

The authorized MIA highlights the installation of a fiber optic cable to allow communication along the route of the railway, which will be installed within the right of way of the railway in already impacted areas.

Missing rights of way

In order to complete the expansion works, the SICT has launched a tender, under the direct invitation modality, to choose the company that will help free up rights of way for new works. Among those chosen to participate is SFS Pipelines, which was the only one that asked questions and on February 8 will have to deliver its economic proposal.

Those invited to the tender received precise information: the purpose of this service is to carry out the necessary actions for the release of the right of way for the construction of nine vehicular crossings, Ladero 701, Doctores street road and four modal transfer centers (CETRAM’s), which must be carried out in a timely and efficient manner.

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