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At the end of last year, the Bank of Spain warned of the commission for cash withdrawal at the teller window that, despite not really being a widespread practice, some entities They were already applying it. The agency therefore presented the following example: “You enter the branch of your bank, you go to the window to withdraw 200 euros and the cashier tells you that this operation has a commission and offers you the alternative of obtaining the money at ATM”.

Although it is true that an extra charge for withdrawing money at ATMs belonging to other entities, yes they are common what began a few months ago to be a new practice that surprised customers was the window service. If this situation becomes general, “it could be an obstacle for some sectors of the population, such as, for example, older people or those unfamiliar with technology,” exposed the Bank of Spain.

Precisely, a few days ago, Amparo Molina, a retired resident of Burjassot (Valencia), found herself in this situation. His passbook gave him trouble at the ATM, which made it impossible for him to withdraw the cash. Thus, when it was his turn, he asked for help: he asked at the window for a “solution” to be able to withdraw his money, but they told him -explained Molina- that “at the window he had a commission of two euros”, an amount that surprised him “because it was disproportionate and difficult to assume for his economic situation.”

Retired woman taking out the pension from the bank teller.

In this sense, the Bank of Spain established – thinking above all of these groups – a criterion of good practices, according to which entities must make available to their clients at least one means free, accessible and safe, taking into account the particular circumstances, so that they can draw cash from their account. “With this recommendation to the entities, the Bank of Spain tries to avoid that through this commission access to cash is penalized for these groups that may be unprotected”, he explained.

And yes, be warned: before charging a commission, the bank must communicate clearly and freely the service to which the amount corresponds and any other relevant details. In addition, the bank must ensure that the client accepts these conditions.

Amparo Molina for her part, finished filing a complaint, after not having been able to withdraw money either at the teller window or at the ATM. The Valencian indicated that it is not normal to be forced to file a complaint and has assured that banking entities “should help” those who, like her, need it, as well as “provide information to people in a situation of economic vulnerability.”

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