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To have a good business idea it is not necessary to have studied a business administration degree or attend a business school. There are those who carry entrepreneurship in their blood long before they have access to university. They are many young people who try their luck with small businesseseven before they are of legal age. One of the most striking cases is that of the young Isabella Barret, who at just 15 years old has created more than three millionaire companies and earns up to 129,000 euros every month.

Kierra Perkins is only 15 years old but has managed to launch a successful scented candle business that she designs herself. His idea was born from a gift he gave his father for Father’s Day and he had so much fun that he started creating more personalized products. “I had so much fun making candles that I told my mother I wanted to start my own business called Kandles By Kierra,” she explains on her website.

Now she is the CEO of this personal project ships your products to hundreds of locations around the world while continuing to study at the institute and doing his extracurricular activities. In addition, she encourages other young people like her to let their imagination run wild and become entrepreneurs. His own motto is that “a young and creative mind can grow a business and you don’t have to wait until you’re an adult to achieve your goals.”

Natural and vegan

In the heart of Nashville (United States) is this young entrepreneur who started with the business idea when he was 11 years old. In order to create his father’s gift, he began to watch videos on the internet about how to make candles and decided that a very curious option would be a glass of milk and chocolate cookies but with wax. His mother, who was very proud of the creation, took a photo and posted it on her Facebook. The reception was such that he saw great potential in this project. “My candles are made with natural soy wax and I have many designs,” says the young woman. From strawberry milkshakes or cappuccino with cinnamon to a lavender explosion that he devised during the lockdown, as he thought that many people would need to relax in that situation.

Now, he sells his products through his website and in a small stand in the shopping center of his city. In addition, the appearance in the media and on television programs have also given him a lot of fame. In fact, her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show brought her great fame and she received a donation of more than $25,000 by a personal finance company to continue entrepreneurship.

As Perkins points out, one of the biggest challenges he has faced is time management, since he continues to go to class and participates in various sports teams. His popularity also extends to other areas, since he regularly collaborates with some companies and has been asked to give motivational talks on several occasions. In 2019, she received the Entrepreneur On The Rise award and was nominated for the ‘Distinguished Daughter’ award at the Woman Who Rock Nashville gala.

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