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The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) is the body through which the State Administration offers benefits that cover situations of unemployment of citizens. These aids, like all those that are available to people in situations of vulnerability, are subject to certain preconditions that must be met before the interested parties request them, but even while they receive them they can incur in non-compliance with the requirements whose consequences include the extinction of these payments.

It is important to note that this case is different from a suspension of unemployment benefits, which is not definitive, but can be resumed later. A different case is that of the extinction of aid, even if it has not been exhausted, which would force to start the process again to process a new application.


In addition to exhausting the unemployment benefit, one of the most frequent reasons for not receiving the aid payment is due to the existence of an incompatibility with it, which can be for having started a new work activity or for recognizing another aid from Social Security. In the case of doing a job, you will be able to access help again if you work less than twelve months self-employed or less than less than 60 months employed, having registered as self-employed, although this time window is reduced to 24 months if you do not register.

There are other reasons why you can stop receiving these payments. If an amount of money is owed to SEPE that does not correspond to the aid, either by the date or quantity of which it consists, it will be considered an improper charge. It will also be the case if a penalty procedure is initiated, in which case the interested party will receive a notification by certified mail.

If there is one non-payment key in the provision, arising from the fact that any of the monthly payments have not been collected, the payment of the aid will be suspended until the beneficiary go to your benefits office (for which you need an appointment) or call by phone to resolve the situation.

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