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All the aggravating factors concurred. Premeditation, treachery and even nocturnality, which was not even deprived of that. It ran on May 20, 2020 and Pedro Sanchez He went up to the lectern of the Congress of Deputies in order to thank his EH Bildu partners for abstaining to carry out the fifth extension of the state of alarm in the worst of the coronavirus crisis. Hours later, at midnight, a document signed by Adriana Lastra Y Paul Echenique -on behalf of the governing coalition parties- and Mertxe Aizpurua, by the separatists, according to which the Executive committed to completely repeal the labor reform. The President of the Government must have thought that the end justified the means and that, after all, life is giving and receiving. In short, he reasoned, that’s what Congress is for, see to ‘compromise’. If what I need now is to extend the state of alarm, It is good to use the labor reform as a bargaining chip, which nobody is thinking about with the patients filling the ICUs. Just hours after such an infamous pact, Calviño had to intervene to appease the businessmen, turned on by a decision made behind their backs and outside the social dialogue. The last rectification never finished eradicating the germ of mistrust.

Barely 700 meters from the Lower House is the Callejón del Gato. In the same way that politicians today can approach the area to eat after crossing the crowded Plaza de Santa Ana, in its day Jose Maria del Valle Inclan I knew it well as the fastest way to get to the Spanish Theater or the Athenaeum. In fact, in tune with his delicate extravagance, with a cape, hat and scarf, he quickly he noticed the distorting mirrors commissioned by one of the shops in the alley as an attraction for passers-by, proud to see her waist disfigured by such a disrespectful reflection. It didn’t take him long to understand that this sieve, this distorted filter, was not very different from the image projected by the Spanish reality. “The classic heroes have gone for a walk in the alley of the Cat -he reeled off in the play ‘Luces de Bohemia’-. The classic heroes reflected in the concave mirrors give the Esperpento. The tragic meaning of Spanish life can only occur with a systematically deformed aesthetic”. Precisely the meanest reflection of that ‘labor’ riot almost two years ago was projected this week as aberrant as it was crystalline, illuminating the low flights of Spanish politics in all its harshness.

“We do not plan to touch a comma of the labor reform”, settled the PSOE spokeswoman in the Senate, Eva Granados. Bastion of a supposed and bizarre unwritten rule according to which the agreements that result from social dialogue should not be altered in the parliamentary process, it turns out that now it is not in the interest of Sánchez’s host that conspicuous partners such as Bildu, ERC or PNV -always altruistic and so concerned about the proper course of national politics regardless of their particular interests- can break into a text that already has the placet of the employers. Not in vain, Moncloa knows, and the Minister of Economy verbalizes, that the support of businessmen for the reform, although not essential, softens the community demands and serves as a red carpet to the rain of millions in the form of EU funds coming from Brussels. Faced with this greater interest, the Congress and the parliamentary debate now go into the background. the aged Dorian Gray that Sánchez contemplates in the solitude of his dressing room is amazed at the contumacy of Catalans and Basques, whom there would already be a way to compensate in other bills. “Let’s see if they are capable of sustaining the órdago until the vote on Thursday”, he will reflect while looking at the photo of Ines Arrimadas, an unexpected ally in case everything goes wrong.

Politicians have looked after their own political interests at the cost of turning their backs on reality. All in order to ‘assassinate’ a labor reform, that of 2012, which has provided companies with flexibility to withstand the coronavirus

In this game of mirrors, each actor seeks to show his best profile and hide his darkest reflection. And Sánchez’s arguments do not apply to Yolanda Diaz, despite being his ‘partner’ in the Executive. With his head on that broad front that will compete in the next elections as an imitation of Podemos, she longs to present herself as the lady of consensus and agreement. Gentle forms and ways to hide a reality, see that his reform is a ‘reform’, pure marketing that does not go fully into essential aspects of the norm approved almost a decade ago by the PP and Fatima Bañez. Without going any further, it does not address the costs of dismissal or the essence of that law, that is, andl Article 41 of the Workers’ Statute and the definition of substantial modifications of working conditions. Precisely to sustain this masquerade, it is essential that parliamentary support for the rule come from the conglomerate of parties that supported the investiture and not from Ciudadanos, whose skillful maneuver in favor of validating the law gives Galician politics its worst image. It is no coincidence that, unlike the PSOE, the vice president is committed to make concessions to his ‘frankenstein’ friends in order to clear the norm of all suspicion.

With more transparency and less fear of the mirror, confident that they have the upper hand while a minister “of their own” insists on strengthening the class unions, Pepe Alvarez Y unai deaf they are probably the only ones who have told the truth, which everyone knows. In fact, both have made it clear that giving the green light to the new labor roadmap proposed by the Government of reds and purples “it is not an end point”. Another way of saying that, faced with the European sword of Damocles, it is better to approve a compromise text now and leave the rest for a better occasion, that everything comes in due time. A confession of part that clarifies la revolt of specific factions of the bosses, with Foment at the head, while being aware that an agreement now lays the foundations for a later turn of the screw. In addition, it also clears doubts about the refusal of Paul Married to endorse the proposal, The trick of the Government, selling as a State reform a first step to completely dismantle the benefits of the 2012 reform, It is dismantled with a brief analysis of the trade union approach. It is no coincidence that, without the labor reform approved by Congress, they have already successfully encouraged Díaz to open the front of the rise in the Interprofessional Minimum Wage (SMI).

In this trance, the grotesque of Valle Inclán meets the absurdity of miguel miura. Not surprisingly, the affected politicians have looked out for their own political interests at the cost of turning their backs on reality. All in order to ‘assassinate’ a labor reform, that of 2012, which has provided companies with enough flexibility to withstand a crisis like that of Covid-19. Nobody, including their own dollers, questioned the need to advance in the most outdated aspects of that legal effort, developed a decade ago. However, those who live off the incumbent needed ‘sell’ a “complete” repeal, first, and a “historic agreement” against the labor model of the right, later. The articles that Congress will review this week do not comply with any of those ‘mantras’ despite the ‘argumentary’ repeated so many times and no matter how much Diaz&Co. I like how that speech looks in the mirror of the related media. At the end of the day, in the solitude of their bedrooms, no one can be fooled by the glass. Fortunately, and thanks to Brussels, the labor reform has only been ‘killed’. At least to its essence, grant it long life.

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