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Dolores Fonzi and Luis Ortega lived one of the most remembered love stories of entertainment, which crossed the screen, when both were just teenagers. The couple met when they were very young while he studied philosophy and over time they made their first project together, black box, an experimental film that was filmed in San Telmo, in which Dolores was the only professional actress.

The first film for the youngest son of Ortega stick Y Evangeline Salazar It has a very special meaning. Happens that the film was made on a low budget and recorded when he was just 19 years old and his girlfriend was 20. At the time, the budding actress was known for being the revelation of Argentine television. With an angelic face, he managed to win the heart of the young screenwriter and director of Argentine cinema, but things did not end well and the relationship fell by the wayside.

According to what they themselves told in different interviews over time, the bond was worn out during the filming of the film they made with their own funds and shortly after they confirmed their breakup. In 2001 the news was heard that Luis and Dolores had separated. Although there would have been a reunion between the two after the Mar del Plata Film Festival in 2002, where the material was awarded, over time each one chose to go their own way.

Dolores Fonzi and Luis Ortega met when they were both 19 and 20 years old
Dolores Fonzi and Luis Ortega met when they were both 19 and 20 years oldInstagram

That same year, [2002] Julieta Ortega, Luis’s sister, married Iván Noble, at a ceremony apparently attended by Dolores along with the boyfriend’s brother, as revealed by Martín Ortega on Instagram. “A photo I took of Luis and Dolores at Julieta’s wedding. Today each one formed his own family, ”wrote the television producer under the image. In the postcard you can see the very young couple in the garden, while the film director hugs the actress from behind and she absently looks elsewhere.

Photography is proof of that love that united them in their teenage years, when both began to establish themselves in the media. With the passing of time each one made his life. Dolores, for example, was married for six years to the Mexican Gael García Bernal, whom he met in 2003, a year after ending the relationship with Ortega, but it was not until 2008 that they made the courtship official. As a result of this relationship, Lázaro and Libertad were born; in 2014 the couple confirmed their breakup.

The couple lived for five years and as a result of that relationship they had two children.
The couple lived for five years and as a result of that relationship they had two children.Getty Images

The youngest son of Palito Ortega, meanwhile, today is in a relationship with the model and writer Mía Flores Pirán, daughter of Ginette Reynal Y Jose Manuel Flores Piran, since 2017. Fruit of this relationship was born ramses, in April 2019, and although they are not shown on social networks, the couple met when she was taking her first steps in acting. He was part of the cast directed by Sebastián Ortega, Fanny, the fan and since then they have not parted again.

Luis Ortega and his partner Mía Flores Pirán
Luis Ortega and his partner Mía Flores PiránMatias Salgado

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