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Natalia Oreiro surprised her more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram by sharing a beach photo shoot with a very impressive look that gave her the opportunity to joke about it and, at the same time, conquer the hearts of all those who follow her.

“Simple and quiet on the beach, and you?”, ironized the singer next to a photo in which she is seen posing in a sand-colored dress and a black girdle. The image already has 50.000 likes and hundreds of comments applauding her beauty. “Always goddess”, “Beautiful”, “Queen”, “A marvel”, were some of the expressions used by her followers.

The photo session on the beach that fell in love with his followers.  Fountain.  Instagram
The photo session on the beach that fell in love with his followers. Fountain. Instagram

2022 awaits Natalia with a new television project; Telefe summoned her to take charge of The Masked Singer (known in Spanish as guess who sings), a format of South Korean origin in which different figures from the world of entertainment compete with each other hidden under ostentatious costumes. The show is preceded by a notable success in the United States and Europe.

In Argentina the show will be called the masked singer and there are still no confirmed names, only that of Marcelo Polino as a jury. “I want to tell you that in this 2022 I return to television in my role as a jury. New stage. Very happy,” the journalist shared on his social networks.

Parallel to her work projects and her getaway to the beach, the singer celebrated her son’s 10th birthday Merlin Atahualpa, fruit of the relationship with her partner, the musician Ricardo Mollo. From the beginning, the artists agreed and decided to avoid overexposing the child. Although both are quite active on their social networks, they prefer not to register their intimacy. much less show your child’s face.

But it was the child’s 10 years that motivated the singer to make a very special post on her social networks. The video starts with photos of him as a baby and then upa of his mom. He is then seen standing with his eyes wide open as he stares into the camera, with the typical curiosity of a creature discovering the world for the first time. And, thus, the passage of time in the life of Atahualpa is evidenced, who, in the end, is shown as a full-fledged child.

To musicalize the special greeting, the artist chose a song of her husband and father of Merlin, whose lyrics perfectly capture what they feel for the fruit of their love. The selected topic was “Your look” and the verse that plays as the photos go by is the same one that can be read in the description of the post. “Your gaze is a voice, it is a song that covers my skin. It is the luck to shine on your light. Happy 10 years, spark of our lives”, he wrote, both in Spanish and Russian, a language according to his second nationality and that of his son.

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