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Dalma and Gianinna Maradona, the daughters that Diego had with Claudia Villafañe, broke the silence on their social networks after the controversy it caused the virtual complaint of a woman who exposed images of her father’s grave and maintained that she was careless.

Although the death of El Diez generated a media debate that led to many people think about the private life and the inheritance left by the former soccer player, from the first moment his eldest daughters were united and faced the accusations that weighed on them and their relatives. The last time they faced criticism was last December, after Verónica Ojeda accused them of charging in dollars for a tribute they paid to her father at the Maradona Cup. Now, A new controversy left Dalma and Gianinna at the center of the scene, so they decided to make a strong statement on their respective social networks.

Dalma Maradona's message after the controversy generated by her father's grave
Dalma Maradona’s message after the controversy generated by her father’s graveCapture Instagram

Dalma, the eldest of the sisters, was the first to break the silence through her Instagram, where posted a gray plaque which had the following message written: “Even against those we don’t know, but want to do bad. The issue is that this bloc is banking STRONG”. Immediately, the followers of the 34-year-old actress pointed out that The phrase was directed at the Twitter user who shared the photo of her father’s grave.

On the other hand, the mother of Roma (2) stressed that the union with her mother and her sister is stronger than ever. “Love love and more love. I love you Gianinna Maradona and Claudia Villafañe. Not to mention our TOP ally”, he wrote and added two emojis, one of a red heart and another of raised hands. In a mysterious way and with a hint towards the people who make critics, he concluded: “Don’t even try…”.

For her part, Gianinna (32), Dalma’s younger sister, chose to share with her 1.2 million followers a series of photographs of his childhood in which he posed with the former soccer player and his family. On the other hand, replied to the message that Dalma wrote and added in it: “Don’t even try… Babu watch. I love us!”, referring to the nickname that his son, Benjamin Aguero (12), he named his grandfather.

As a way to end the controversy, The young businesswoman shared a striking phrase: “We are human, we are defective, repaired, unstitched, we are humanly imperfect, but we love and that heals everything”, Held.

The photograph and phrase that Giannina Maradona shared in her Instagram stories
The photograph and phrase that Giannina Maradona shared in her Instagram storiesCapture Instagram

Everything happened after the Twitter user Cora Gamarnik (@coragamarnik) will publish in your account a photo of Diego Maradona’s grave in the Jardín Bella Vista cemetery, in San Miguel. The posting generated controversy mainly because, by court order, only the family is authorized to approach the place. In turn, the postcard was accompanied by a reflection on the state of abandonment in which it was found. “There were three bunches of dried flowers.Cora wrote.

In other posts, Gamarnik said that he went to take a ceramic butterfly to the grave and then commented on the difference in aesthetics that he found inside and outside the cemetery. “Outside the cemetery there are murals all over the neighborhood. The one in the corner is beautiful”. After the great impact generated by her messages, the Internet user decided to delete them from the social network.

A photo of Diego Maradona's tomb went viral and they denounced that it is abandoned.
A photo of Diego Maradona’s tomb went viral and they denounced that it is abandoned.

Until a while ago a police guarded the place where the remains of Diego Maradona, his father “Chitoro” and his mother “Doña Tota” rest, 24 hours a day. But nevertheless, according to Gamarnik’s sayings, there are no inconveniences to approach the tombstone of the star. After the viralization of the content, the publication was filled with comments from curious people who wanted to know how she had managed to get there, and she said: “I got in with no problem. I asked where his grave was and went. There was no one”.

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