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MENDOZA.- After expelling the head of the Mendoza Police for granting a “vip pass” to his wife to climb Aconcagua, the provincial government commanded by the radical Rodolfo Suarez seeks to contain the impact and end the scandal. However, despite the legislative recess, pressure began to grow from the PJ opposition to behead the entire leadership of the Ministry of Security.

Kirchnerism considers that the ministry was aware of the movements of the police chief, Roberto Munives, who is also now being investigated in criminal justice for “ideological falsehood”. He is accused of having falsified documentation and having used public resources to support the expedition of his partner. The designation of Marcelo Calipo as his replacement was also questioned, since he was the second of Munives. The opposition now calls for the resignation of the Minister of Security, Raúl Levrino.

Despite the recess, the legislators, mainly Kirchnerists, began the attack in search of explanations and sanctions that reach those responsible for the hottest portfolio in the province.

In dialogue with THE NATION, the president of the block of senators of the PJ, Lucas Ilardo, pointed out the steps that will follow after the official displacement of Munives, who spent more than six years at the head of the Mendoza Police. “We understand that we react quickly, with citations to the Legislature, but it is closed. That is why we continue to work and follow the case. Here, In addition to falsifying documents, there is use of official resources by Munives, such as the police helicopter, equipment and force personnel, and without paying a peso”, indicated the camp senator, and added: “The designated Calipo and the one who is second now are the ones who signed the request for Munives to carry out the expedition to Aconcagua. We are going to ask for more explanations and the resignation of the entire leadership. Surely it will be discussed in the block if we quote Calipo, if they ratify him in office. We want to know why he didn’t do anything if he was aware of everything.”

Delsouc publication in social networks.
Delsouc publication in social networks.

The same position was adopted by the Peronist provincial deputy German Gomez, who understands that the authorities of the ministry should be removed. “We demand from Governor Rodolfo Suárez the resignation of the entire leadership of the Police. They are directly responsible and necessary participants in the serious events that we have been denouncing in this sensitive area,” said the legislator from southern Mendoza.

The provincial government decided to fire Munives, after it emerged that he had lied when processing a request for his partner to climb Mount Aconcagua without the corresponding health pass, a measure that even violated provincial regulations. In this sense, the woman from Munives, Monica Delsouc, no dose of immunization against Covid-19 was applied, according to the Federal Vaccination Registry, Nomivac. However, in the request for promotion submitted by Munives and signed by Ariel Astudillo, chief of the Rescue Patrol, under the command of the head of the Police, it was indicated that the woman had the complete vaccination schedule to be able to climb.

Resolution 822 of the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Planning of Mendoza establishes that it is mandatory to have the inoculation certificate to access the expedition. In fact, the second dose must have been placed “21 days before” starting the ascent.

On January 15, the group reached the top of Aconcagua, despite the health difficulties that the woman showed during the ascent. Delsouc, a lawyer who teaches training at the Ministry of Security, portrayed the moment on her social networks.

As a result of these difficulties that continued – the newspaper El Sol reported that “the woman had taken the bronchial tubes and fever” -, the delegation used a helicopter that operates in the park to facilitate Delsouc’s descent. How the expenses of the aircraft were covered is being investigated.

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