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The world of sports and the universe of entertainment have always been closely related. For one reason or another, actors and soccer players knew how to reap links that are remembered to this day. Now, one more chapter of this story was added last week, when the actress Grace Borges shared on your account Instagram a photo with the former soccer player Clement Rodriguez.

The image immediately went viral. Twitter for the striking of the meeting, since it is about two apparently different people. However, a Spanish food restaurant (“Cantabrian”) in Mar del Plata, was the vanishing point that united these two celebrities.

“The most random thing that ever happened in the universe” said a Twitter user about the meeting between Graciela Borges and Clemente RodríguezCaptura Twitter
“Boquita out of context of the first level” said another user about the unexpected photo of Graciela Borges and Clemente RodríguezCaptura Twitter
“I didn’t know it, but I needed Graciela Borges with Clemente Rodríguez”Captura Twitter

LANACION contacted the protagonists of this unexpected story. Borges, with his unmistakable style, explained in dialogue with this medium how the meeting took place, and provided the reasons why he published the photo on the social network. “I made a joke because he is a close friend of Roberto, who is the owner of this restaurant (which the whole family loves so much; Juan Cruz, me). When he was going to leave, the bride (NDE: de Clemente) tells me: ‘Can we take a picture with you?’ I thought he was a nice person, and the bride, a love”, explained the Argentine film, theater and television artist. “Everything will have lasted three minutes”, specified the interpreter of “La Ciénaga”. Meanwhile, he clarified that he tagged the poet Carmen Hirondo in the publication because he always discusses soccer with her “jokingly”, since Borges is from River and her friend from Boca.

In turn, “Grace” highlighted the presence at the table of the prestigious pianist Eduardo Delgado, who will participate with Annie Dutoit Argerich, Marta’s daughter, in the play Who is Clara Wick?.

On the other hand, Rodríguez, a legendary soccer player from Boca Juniors, exclusively recounted his point of view of the invitation with Graciela. “I saw her that day that we met at night because the place is known,” he said. In addition, the former coach of Sporty Merlo defined the first Argentine actress as a “good person” Y “good people”, as well as highlighted the “good deal that they dispensed with each other.

Retired from football in 2021, Rodríguez directed Deportivo Merlo last season and resigned from his position after falling into the reduced Primera B. Currently, he aspires for another opportunity as technical director. “It was an experience for me to direct at Merlo and gain confidence. Tomorrow, hopefully I can start a race little by little, which is not easy at all. You have to be in every situation, moment. You have to see, learn a lot of things”.

At the same time, he highlighted the affection that Boca fans give him on public roads. “People recognize you for what you did and won at the club. Later, he lets you know when you go for a walk, to eat or somewhere, there are always people who come up to you, give you a hug and thank you for what I gave to Boca”.

On the other hand, he talked about Valentine Boat, the 18-year-old footballer who plays in his position and is one of the club’s big bets for the future. “He plays very well with his feet, he knows how to go on the attack. It’s ready. Speed ​​doesn’t help him much because he’s not that fast, but it’s important.” Finally, he ruled that he has to add minutes little by little to adapt to the famous “mouth world”.

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