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It took four years and six months for the family of Diana Velázquez Florencio, a victim of femicide, to achieve “a little piece of justice” with the sentence of 93 years in prison against Jesús Alejandro Montes, guilty of taking the life of the young woman from 24 years old during the early morning of July 2, 2017, in Chimalhuacán, State of Mexico.

“(The verdict) is not reassuring at all, much less is there joy in the house, perhaps it is thought that we are already in peace, that tranquility has come to our house, but unfortunately that did not happen,” emphasizes Lidia Florencio, mother of Dianita, as you say.

For Mrs. Florencio —who since that tragic Sunday in which her daughter disappeared has gone out to protest in the streets, has stopped countless times at the Public Ministry and prosecutor’s offices, and who even camped for days outside the National Palace— the femicide of her daughter does not have complete justice, since the person guilty of raping her is still free and, worse still, has not been identified.

“We feel the same. We are left with that bit of justice that we snatched from the Judiciary and all the authorities since we know that, perhaps, that subject will never come out again and that a woman will never again be murdered at his hands.

“That’s the most positive you can get out of this. Because they say it’s justice, I don’t think so, it’s fair that my Dianita was with us, “he stresses.

In the case, the Mexican prosecutor’s office determined that the person responsible for Diana’s femicide was Jesús Alejandro, who operated a motorcycle taxi in the Francisco I. Madero street area, near the Chimalhuacán Justice Center, where early that Sunday morning his body was abandoned and violated, despite being pregnant.

After the sentence, Diana’s mother maintains her claim against the authorities that carried out the investigations, as she recalls that three years had to pass for the case to advance, because it was until it was planted outside the National Palace when “surprisingly ” They arrested one of those responsible.

We had just “made a march for the anniversary of his death, and it was the following Monday, July 6, 2020, when we decided to hold the sit-in at the National Palace, and on Wednesday of that week, the state deputy attorney for gender spoke to me and he told me that he had good news (…) a detainee for the femicide of Diana”, says Mrs. Florencio.

“We have realized that unfortunately in this country if we do not raise our voice there is no progress,” he adds.

She emphasizes that the person responsible for the rape of her daughter is still at large, a situation that drives her to continue seeking justice, in addition to strengthening her activism to help other families who live the same experience since, she regrets, far from reducing violence against women , It is getting worse.

“There is too much pain, knowing that my daughter was murdered. They are the most difficult words to understand, hear, and bear. The search for justice has been too stressful, tiring and expensive. For all the families who have lived the same, the road is too long, there is no day when we can be calm, “he cries.

The numbers

2021 closed as the most violent year for women in the country with 1,005 femicides, 2.6% more than the 978 registered in 2020 and the highest number of victims since figures are kept, since 2015.

Edomex was in 2021 the entity with the most victims of femicide, registering 145 cases (14% of the 1,005 registered); they were followed by Jalisco (70); Veracruz (70); CDMX (69) and Nuevo León (66).

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